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Any injuries experienced in an auto accident puts the people in difficult situation. Learn how to make sure to get critical medical treatment after being involved in a major auto accident. get free Legal Consultation to Learn More today.

California Injury Lawyer has released new online resource legal articles for new and existing clients. The new legal resource information articles focuses on educating clients about Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash, Insurance and Medical care treatments as well as personal injury information from a California Injury Lawyer. These great article resources will help those who may have a loved one in need of Legal Support and help from a Law Professional in the field of accident injury Lawsuit Claims.

How To Pay For Medical Attention After A Car Accident was posted by Alexander D. Napolin a Personal Injury Lawsuit attorney for car accident victims in Southern California. In this legal resource article Alexander Napolin goes into great detail on what is needed following an auto accident and using the settlement money to pay for all medical bills as well as for the vehicle crash victims injuries. Read more here:

We have expounded on the content here for individuals, family members, friends to learn more on Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash, Insurance and Medical care.

A serious auto accident happens without much warning. It happens in a moment. It changes the lives of those involved. Prudent people have prepared for this moment and they know what to do in a car accident (like brake and hold), and what to do after a car accident (get information from the other drivers and call an auto accident attorney). Nevertheless, what happens after a car accident can make life extremely difficult. Not everyone knows how to deal with a car accident or how to make car accident claims.

When to Use Legal Counsel is always best to consult a car accident lawyer in California if there are injuries, serious property damage, or other needs for a car accident lawyer, such as dealing with insurance adjusters. Accident lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation, which is the standard for car accident lawyers in California.

A Personal Injury in any car accident warrants a consultation with a personal injury lawyer even if it is the type of car accident with no police called or a car accident without a police report. Sometimes an injury does not show up immediately, but manifests later. In California, there is a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims and three-years for property damage. Read more on Personal Injury Lawyer Help here:

California is an “At-Fault” State and in a serious auto accident, the police determine which driver was at-fault. It is possible that the fault is shared in some proportions between more than one driver. For example, if one driver is going down the street too fast, exceeding the speed limit, as noticed by witnesses and another driver suddenly backs out of the driveway into the street without looking; both drivers are partially at fault. The police officer will note this on the police report and assign a percentage of fault to each of the drivers.

Insurance adjusters, as well judges and juries, use these percentages in deciding what a claim is worth.

With Medical Care one of the most important concerns after a serious accident is for the injured to get adequate medical care. When a person cannot work, the bills start piling up. Depending on the injuries, there may be permanent disability and/or lifelong pain and suffering.

In California, anyone injured in an auto accident, who was either in a car involved or a pedestrian, can take one or more of these steps to get compensation for medical bills, lost pay, and damage to property:

- file a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver
- file claim with their own insurance company
- file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver

A lawsuit may be necessary even if an insurance company pays the claim, because the total claim amount made exceed the policy limits. The person who is at-fault in the auto accident is personally liable for any amount that exceeds the limit of the insurance policies. Some doctors give medical care and delay receiving payment for the care until the lawsuit is settled.

Whether a person is at-fault in an auto accident or not, if there is serious property damage and especially in the case of any auto accidents with injuries, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible so the attorney can make sure the claims are treated properly and file a timely lawsuit if necessary. Personal injury attorneys receive their pay from the proceeds of the settlement of a successful lawsuit. Great article on Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash here:

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