New Kitchen Scrubbers Revolutionize Cleaning Industry

Calgary business owner is fed up with cheap kitchen scrubbers and makes her own. Now they're selling world wide and are revolutionizing not only the cleaning business industry, but simple house cleaning tasks as well.

Susi Harris, founder and owner of Susis Housekeeping Ltd - a Calgary based high-end cleaning company - is in the process of launching her own brand of handmade kitchen scrubbers. Although only available in limited quantities at first, they will be known as Gentleman's Kitchen Scrubbers and are expected to hit the worldwide market as soon as next month.

In a recent interview, Harris talked about how - in all her years of being in the cleaning industry - she never found a kitchen scrubber she was truly happy with. The ones she was able to buy were either ineffective in removing gunk, were useless when it came to polishing away water stains, or were so hard that they also scratched delicate surfaces.

"There just wasn't a simple all-in-one solution" Harris said "Which is why I brainstormed my own scrubbers and started making them myself."

After many months of testing, tweaking, and having others test them for her, Harris says she now has her patent pending kitchen scrubbers ready for world distribution. At first in limited quantities, and then on a large scale as demand for them rises.

"I'm super excited." says Harris. "It's not often that you get to wake up knowing you forever changed an industry."

These scrubbers won't just change the professional cleaning industry either. Harris hints at keeping costs down as much as she can so everyone can afford them. "They are super handy to have. Even those who clean their taps and sinks only once a month appreciate these scrubbers. And those who do dishes by hand - daily - say they can't imagine not having them. They really are that great!"

Harris explained how for the time being she will limit the number of scrubbers she sells simply because she is still fine tuning the production process. Once the process works flawlessly without sacrificing quality, she plans on slowly increasing production to meet the ever growing demand.

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