New Forex Local Trade Copier v2.6 Now Available has released a revised version of its LTC v2.6 software and claims it is even better than previous versions.

It seems likely from early reports that experienced traders will immediately see and appreciate the benefits of the upgraded software. Detailed instructions on how to download and use the software can be found on the website.

The upgrade that the company has announced include:

1. Time and Indicator Filters added for Personal License holders:
These options are now available on the LTC Personal license, as an added value to the already excellent product:
Time Range Filters allow traders to suspend trades for given periods of time when trading might not be optimal, such as during economic news releases. It works with both Master and Slave accounts and avoids risk of loss due to trades going through after market indicators have been changed.
Indicator Filters add the option to program trade stops or starts on based on what current market indicators are saying. It allows programming to copy or not copy certain trades under certain Indicator conditions.

2. Adjustable Synchronization rates:
Previously available only to VIP traders, this option is now available to everyone.

3. Martingale Trading mode:
Martingale mode allow traders to double the lot size on the next trade in case previous trade was closed in loss. The default number of times the instrument can suffer a loss is limited to seven (but that can be reset). Traders should keep in mind that this setting has increased risk involved and it should be used only by experienced traders.

4. Bugs Repaired in TradePairs and DontTradePairs options:
Those two functions with certain currency suffixes didn’t work properly on some MT4 accounts. That issue is resolved.

5. Advanced Trade Comment copying – NEW!
‘CopyExtractTradeComment’ added! This feature allows trades to be copied with the exact same trade comment that appeared on the Master Account. If traders want to add their own comments, they can disable this option and access the significantly upgraded TradeComment option. Traders can provide more detailed information to their clients with this added feature.

6. Trade copying speed improved significantly.
After lots of researches and tests, the creator of Local Trade Copier find out that multi-core CPU VPS servers is the number one reason that cause slow trade copying speed.

For those who are interested but not certain, a 30-day trial is available at the website. Local Trade Copier helps Forex account managers to copy their trading positions between multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts so they won’t need to repeat the same trade operations on each MT4 platform individually.

Contact Info:
Name: Rimantas Petrauskas
Email: Send Email
Address: Vilniaus 53, Ziezmariai, Lithuania

Release ID: 77981