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ToroAlerts, LLC – A Portland, Oregon based innovative FinTech company with a vision to take Artificial Intelligence to a new level and improve the investments for all users.

ToroAlerts, LLC – A Portland, Oregon based innovative FinTech company with a vision to take Artificial Intelligence to a new level and improve the investments for all users.

ToroAlerts believe Artificial Intelligence provides a powerful set of tools that can be catered to stocks, options and cryptocurrency. When different machine learning algorithms are combined with technical analysis, predictive analytics and AI, the results can be an optimal investment portfolio.

ToroAlerts recently launched a mobile app on iOS and Android that helps traders to take the emotion out of trading. The app is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and technical trading analytics to identify and alert users with buying and selling points. To help take the emotions out of trading decisions, the app offers various tools;

“Your Stocks, Our Alerts”
Create a list of favorite stocks in the app and ToroAlerts will send an alert when to buy or sell. Track up to 10 stocks for free, or upgrade to the Premium subscription to track more than 10 stocks, as well as stock options.

Risk Management
Managing Risk is the most important thing in investing. The ToroAlert app suggests how much to invest in each stock to get the balance of gains, while trying to reduce the risk.

“We Alert, You Trade”
Don’t stress, let the AI pick stocks. Premium subscribers have access to a portfolio where the app sends alerts for what (and when) to buy/sell. This investment strategy is a blend of equities to achieve an optimal risk-adjusted return.

Invest Using AI / ML Software for Stocks
Nurture each portfolio with an AI/ ML tool. ToroAlerts believes in having access to the intelligence built for trading stocks the smart way. Regardless of experience, the app will become a great tool to ramp up a portfolio. It’s easy to start a ToroAlerts account from a cell phone, add stocks to the portfolio and begin the trading alert process in a matter of minutes.

Why ToroAlerts
Whether it’s a new or savvy trader, non-emotional trading is the heart of everything ToroAlerts does. ToroAlerts partners with Saroj Investment Software, LLC that uses an AI/ ML based algorithm that has been recognized with several award nominations, including the 2021 Winter Awards for Best New Mobile App.

Traditionally, only speculators and large investors had the resources to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Today, AI technology has opened a potentially lucrative opportunity for individuals to invest. Toro Alert’s app is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to efficiently aggregate data to create potential trades. As a result, investors of this technology may benefit from the potentially profitable investing alerts.

ToroAlerts, LLC is releasing a series of apps targeting different markets. Toro Alert’s Cryptocurrency alerting app will be launched worldwide in February 2022. ToroAlerts also released an app targeting the Bombay Stock Exchange with ToroAlerts-India app in December 2021.

Final Thoughts
AI/ML based trading has historically been an activity relegated to speculators and sophisticated investors, however, these barriers to entry make it difficult for the average investor to participate.

“Investing is a rational decision-making process and it needs a balance of risk management and risk taking,” said Rohit Srivastava, Chief Vision Officer at ToroAlerts. “Making fast rational decisions is tough. The amount of information available today and the speed of change of market behavior is making it difficult to make quick decisions. ToroAlerts’ artificial intelligence systems are designed to create such balance. Using the ToroAlerts app traders have tools that can analyze various data points, make decisions quicker and alert traders with relatively higher accuracy and mitigating risks.”

“The stock market has expressed tremendous volatility as of lately!,” said Josh Kincaid, Chief Marketing Officer. “But anyone who has used a bona fide AI tool with predictive analytics would have been alerted to the fact that some stocks have been testing new highs for quite some time. The use of AI tools could have also aided in avoiding certain losses for investors by preventing them from getting in at the top. ToroAlerts built an intelligent stock alert app to address this issue, notifying exactly when to buy and when to sell.”

Before investing, carefully consider each investment objective, risk factors, charges, and expenses. Terms and Conditions, privacy policy and additional information can be found by visiting Read it carefully before investing.

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