New easy to use, stable electronic currency is announced is pleased to announce the cryptocurrency, a substantial upgrade in the market for electronic currencies in terms of stability and convenience. is pleased to announce the cryptocurrency, a substantial upgrade in the market for electronic currencies in terms of stability and convenience. The currency draws its value directly from the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights reserve currency, the internationally recognized standard for reserves based on a basket of the world’s four most stable currencies: the U.S. dollar, euro, the Japanese yen, and pound sterling. brings the cryptocurrency into the mainstream in a number of ways. First, the currency does not require knowledge of virtual wallets or extended code sequences in order to transfer. Users can send money directly to an email address or a phone number. allows its users to spend money anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted. also earns interest in the same way as a traditional currency. Converting any currency into is easier than moving between many traditional currencies. outpaces the current face of cryptocurrency technology, Bitcoin, through its use of traditional systems of transfer to bring the idea of the cryptocurrency squarely into the mainstream. No longer is the use of a digital currency relegated to those with the time to navigate the steeper learning curve or to understand the complex rules of currency trading. brings the convenience of the world of digital currency directly into the hands of the average person, further stabilizing the currency and ensuring its durability and usability for many years to come.

Signing up for the waiting list and referring friends will earn new users of the currency the equivalent of $50 US dollars in to spend or trade. For more information, visit the website at

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