New E-Commerce Online Store Owners Co-operative

Amazon, eBay, Shopify & other Platform store owners benefit from the collective group buying power.

The recently launched Network Buyers Group, a cooperative for online retailers, is set to disrupt the busy virtual buying space and put collective business power into the hands of smaller retailers.

The initiative is the latest in a dynamic industry which has seen consistent double digit growth and is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018.

Acknowledging that bigger players in the retail industry wield more power when negotiating lower costs or more efficient services from suppliers and distributors, the team behind Network Buyers Group set up the facility for members to act as a co-operative to harness their collective power for maximum business advantage.

“We act on behalf of members to leverage better deals across a vast array of suppliers & services required to run your e-commerce business. It effectively gives you the buying power of the big guys. And to make this work, we have a team on the ground in China, Hong Kong & Singapore to find deals, negotiate the best rates, to sort the logistic out for you and more”, said Murray Priestley, one of the Founders of the Network Buyers Group.

With capabilities to support local Asian language customer support, and a facility to open members their dedicated online store in China, the initiative essentially opens doors for e-commerce companies in USA to access a wider customer base in a market that is four times bigger at almost 1 billion people.

This is an important initiative in the e-commerce space where it is estimated that worldwide there are 12-24 million stores selling products on the internet today, though only a small number of these (about 650,000 stores by late 2015) were selling more than $1,000 US annually.

The vast majority of online stores are not generating any meaningful revenue for a variety of reasons.
Bringing together a collective like this means members gain greater bargaining power for better buying, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, shipping and distribution in the US, and more success with building & managing their products being sold into Asia & the US.
The e-commerce industry is set for dramatic change with this.

About Network Buyers Group – an E-Commerce Owners co-operative that leverages group buying power to lower costs of operation, access new markets and accelerates online store owners’ revenues.

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