New E-Book Release: "How to beat the S&P 500...with the S&P 500"

The new e-book by Ulli Niemann looks at the secrets to using Trend Tracking to increase everyone investment profits and limit everyone losses.

The new book written by Investment Advisier Ulli Neimann, “How to Beat the S&P 500 with the S&P 500? is now available on-line. The book Draws from Ulli’s extensive experience advising individuals on their investments, the book uses trend principles that any investor can apply, and can serve as a guide to better deal with the uncertainties and trends of the market place.

“How to Beat the S&P 500?with the S&P 500? studies the market place over the previous 13 years. It explains some of the secrets of using Trend Tracking to increase investment profits and limit losses.

The book is filled with simple charts and graphs that dramatically illustrate just how applying Trend Tracking can allow anyone to significantly out-perform the S & P by using the method to intelligently invest in the S & P.

“It’s been a discussion for decades whether timing the markets has merit. The Wall Street supported brokerage industry is of the opinion that it’s not possible and simply dismisses that approach since it does not fit within their models,” Niemann said.

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About the Author
Ulli Niemann provides a rare blend of European sensibility, engineering practicality and American ingenuity to bring a new level of reliability to the often erratic environment of investing. He has applied his intelligence and creativity to refining a dependable method of tracking and working successfully with market trends, and he brings a genuine caring for people to his service as an investment advisor.

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