Relaunches Offering The Latest DVDs And Movie Reviews is a website dedicated to notifying movie lovers of when their favorite releases are made available for home consumption, and has a new lease of life after two years out of action.

DVD sales are said to be declining thanks to the onset of online streaming services, and companies from Sky/Fox to Amazon to Ultraviolet are now bundling hard copies with digital alternatives to offset this growing problem. For hardcore fans however, owning a copy of their favorite films is a must, but finding out when these will be released can be a nightmare. New DVD helps people find downloadable previews of films as well as links to DVDS, and two years after closing its doors it has relaunched to much acclaim from its old user base. Thanks to the new bundling strategies the website has a new focus and a new lease of life.

The site provides information on release dates for DVDs of popular Hollywood films and includes information on Blu-Ray and standard definition releases, their prices, and where people can buy them from. They also help people locate the best pre-order deals that can help customers save between ten percent and a third on their release day value.

The site has also expanded to cover the release of classic films on streaming services and is making its presence felt outside its own site by using popular social networking tools and integrated shopping services like the Amazon list service, Facebook and Twitter.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are pleased to announce that we are back in action after two years out of service. The demand for DVDs is undergoing a renaissance now that people can have the best of both worlds, getting their movies on disc but also in digital form to be easily viewed on tablets, mobile devices, laptops and more. Now people can get the convenience of digital together with the advantages of a physical hard copy, DVD demand is spiking again, and people are finding a new need of our services.”

About New DVD Releases: New DVD strives to bring users information and access to popular movies, TV shows and Instructional videos to review before making a purchase. Many of the videos are available for direct download right to a phone or tablet or users can own them by following the links on the site.

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