New Diamond Ring Jewelry Site Launch

New diamond ring jewelry site has been launched online by Diamond Daves Jewelry. The site specializes in diamond engagement and wedding rings, as well as some additional pieces featuring diamonds.

New diamond ring jewelry site featuring a wide selection of jewelry specializing in diamond pieces has been launched by Bill Black of Diamond Daves Jewelry. The categories included in the diamond line are perfect for engagement and wedding rings, as well as for bridal sets. There are sets for men and women. The jewelry boutique also has some diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Choosing from the extensive inventory online is easy and convenient. Because the overhead is lower than at bricks-and-mortar stores, the savings can be passed on to customers.

The four C's of diamond purchases are Color, Carats, Cut, and Clarity. The distinguishing characteristics are what defines the quality of the stones. Jewelry pieces at the new diamond ring jewelry site can be found in many different colors. Some of the most popular are white, pink and yellow, but other stones are available. The clarity of the diamond is another distinguishing factor. The fewer imperfections which are in the stone, the higher the quality.

Solitaires and multi-stone jewelry can be found in a range of shapes. Emerald, round, heart and square are four of the shapes which can be purchased. Although some confuse the shape and the cut, they are two separate features. A quality cut defines the amount of sparkle that is reflected from the facets. The size of the stone (carats) is another feature that affects the price.

Rings and other jewelry are available in gold, silver and platinum as well as other precious metals. The way the stones are incorporated into the metal is the setting. Learning about the various types of settings will be a matter of personal preference, as well as the typical activities of the person wearing the rings or other jewelry.

Free sizing is available from the online shop. The store offers stones which are GIA-certified, the organization which sets quality standards for gems.

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Name: Bill Black
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Organization: Diamond Daves Jewelry
Address: Diamond Daves Jewelry
Phone: (256) 762-2377

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