New Deposit Ports Of EggsBook

Regarding the update of the new deposit ports and calling for cooperation with other crypto project providers.

England - November 1st, 2020, on behalf of EggsBook, DAPP TECHNOLOGIES LTD announced that this virtual fish farming game will officially update new deposit ports, bringing the total number of deposit ports up to 07. These deposit portals are coins issued from the most famous and prestigious projects in the cryptocurrency market such as ETH, BTC, LTC, USDT, BCH, RBD Token, etc. This event has attracted the attention and interest of markets for this emerging game.

First of all, EggsBook is a game that has great potential. The great potential of EggsBook could be seen by its achievements in the fish farming game industry. Up to now, more than 11,000 people around the world have participated in and invested in a virtual fish farming game. In which, sales of EggsBook has reached over $2,000,000 after just over a month since releasing day.

Secondly, EggsBook is an emerging game. Recently, EggsBook is known for its simple but attractive gameplay. The game keeps on releasing new minigames and characters, which are extremely attractive. Moreover, EggsBook adds a key factor to attract more players by updated more new deposit ports. By that, people, who own popular coins, could easily join and play EggsBook. Besides, this update will not only attracts holders who own the coins, but also helps gamers save conversion fees, create more payment methods, and will certainly provide an opportunity to extend the scale of EggsBook in the future. This key factor will make EggsBook's development speed even faster and stronger.

Last but not least, the financial market in recent years has so many changes. Investors are losing trust as well as putting more cautious in investing. One of the main reasons is that the market is too boring cause ecosystems that do not really create benefits or any practical assets. However, EggsBook brought players a whole new ecosystem, which brings real benefits in comparison to other investing ecosystems that have slowly become stale and outdated. Thus, as a new fresh wave, EggsBook had successfully caught the attention of the blockchain community and washed the gloom, which was caused by unexpected events from objective and subjective of the market, out of the financial market in 2020.

In the future, EggsBook will soon launch its own coin called EBP Token and apply it to pay for the tasks of gaming ecosystems in general and EggsBook in particular. Besides, the publisher also calls for cooperating with other coin project providers and emphasized the benefits of both sides when working together. This will not only make EggsBook easier to access the holders' market, but also provide an extraordinarily currency-flow opportunity for providers and their coins.

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