New Day Consulting Systems Launches Innovative Franchise Consulting Services

New Day Consulting Systems (New Day), a company operating from Reston, Virginia, has announced its latest innovations in providing franchise consulting services. New Day develops start-up franchises and assists entrepreneurs invest in established franchises using data driven analysis on the future of the franchise growth in the U.S. and globally and 21st century strategies for success in franchising.

New Day Consulting Systems (New Day), a company operating from Reston, Virginia, has announced its latest services in franchise business model development and franchise investment. New Day has researched and developed a foundational strategy for successful franchise development for the 21st century marketplace. New Day begins with an initial franchise feasibility review that looks at the business or concept to be franchised from a 360 degree perspective to determine if the business could be successfully franchised. If the business is found feasible for franchising, New Day will work with the business to incorporate elements of 21st century strategies for success in franchising such as: 1) Flexible Franchising; 2) Open Innovation; 3)Artisan Entrepreneurship; 4) Millennial Attraction; 5) Customers/Franchisees As Brand Evangelists; 6)Technological Tools and 7) Access to Opportunity.

“Unfortunately, many franchise development firms are based on 20th century franchise development models, techniques and methods that generate outdated results and do not anticipate market changes, innovation, technological advances or the need to change elements of the franchise business model itself,” says Kimberly Bonner from New Day. The New Day system outlined above lays a critical foundation for the development of legal and technical aspects of the franchise business such as the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements, Franchisee Recruitment and Sales, Training and Operations Manuals and back end Technical Support Systems.

“Our niche industries are the personal service and technology industries for start up franchise development. Hence, we focus our franchise development efforts in education, learning enrichment, personal computing, mobile devices, gaming, consumer electronics, internet of things, energy/batteries, beauty, spas, health, fitness, senior care and more”, according to Bonner.

New Day also helps investors and entrepreneurs invest in existing franchises. New Day acts much like a head hunter for franchisors. New Day’s franchise placement services are no cost to clients because their services are paid by franchisors. “Our current portfolio of established franchises includes over 500 different franchises and business opportunities,” says Bonner.

What distinguishes New Day from other franchise placement services is New Day’s in house expertise, resources and referral network on issues ranging from business growth, innovation, legal services, finance, accounting, intellectual property, commercial real estate, branding, marketing and public relations. New Day serves as a business coach for entrepreneurs and franchisees through the business investigation process, franchise agreement execution and grand opening. New Day wants a business coaching and advising relationship with franchisees and entrepreneurs for the life of their businesses. All of this makes New Day one of a kind in franchise consulting.

Kimberly Bonner is the brains behind New Day. She has worked with individuals, businesses and universities for over 17 years, addressing various issues including business and organizational growth, protecting and using intellectual property, innovation, mitigating risk, marketing, brand development and e-learning. Bonner holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia. Additionally, she obtained her Juris Doctor at the University of Virginia School of Law. After law school, she clerked for U.S. District Court Judge W. Louis Sands of the Middle District of Georgia. Bonner was then recruited to work for what was once one of the country’s largest law firms based in Washington, DC, Howrey, Simon, Arnold and White, LLP. At Howrey, Bonner specialized in trademark, trade secret and insurance coverage litigation. After Howrey, Bonner became the Director and later Executive Director of the Center for Intellectual Property, a national organization of intellectual property managers in higher education specializing in e-learning, digital libraries and licensing.

Bonner’s interest in franchising was piqued in 2010 unexpectedly due to a health crisis. She was looking for an alternative investment vehicle in case she could not continue working like she had in the past. She sought a business she could run at a distance and hire management and staff to run daily operations, in light of her background in higher education. Her focus was education, tutoring and learning enrichment business opportunities and franchises in light of her years in higher education. While investigating education businesses, she realized there was an opportunity for her to merge her organizational development skills, intellectual property knowledge and innovation expertise. Bonner developed, planned and prepared New Day since 2010.

Since starting the company, Bonner has committed herself to disseminating information on how to run franchises in today’s climate.

On June 6, 2015 from 7:30-8:00pm, she will participate on the radio show Café Latino with Laura Drain to discuss Franchising and Minority Communities. To listen the radio show, visit the link On July 21, 2015, she will be interviewed by LJ Wilson of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Future of Franchising. Bonner makes herself available for interviews on trends in franchising, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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