New Crowdfunding Organization Created for Charitable Campaigns

Owners of Compassion Roofing and Remodeling are Launching the World’s First Nonprofit Charitable Crowdfunding Organization to Spread the Call of Service.

Keller, Texas: Corey and Cyndi McLaughlin, owners of Compassion Roofing and Remodeling a family owned and operated, commercial & residential roofing & restoration company are preparing to launch Compassion for Humanity, the world’s first nonprofit charitable 501c3 crowdfunding organization. Most, if not all, current crowdfunding websites supporting charitable causes are for profit organizations and their users cannot take advantage of any tax breaks for their donations.

Both Corey and Cyndi, since the birth of their first of five children, in 1995, say that “Life as we knew it changed both physically and spiritually. All of a sudden, life meant more than just taking care of each other. We were both overwhelmed with what we could only try to describe as feeling a new compassion for humanity. Regardless if our business was having a good or bad year, we have always helped others in our community. Compassion for Humanity is our legacy project and we are excited to see how it will benefit the world.”

“Compassion for Humanity is being created as a tool to multiply what we feel led to do ourselves. It’s a new technology that brings compassionate people together with those who truly need compassion.” will easily allow an individual to create a charitable campaign to raise funds for themselves or for someone else.

The built in fundraising tools allow people to use social media to network and pool their resources to spread the word about their cause and to help them with fundraising. The different types of charitable campaigns that can be created within the website, just to mention a few, are; Medical Expenses, Adoption, Construction, Food, Single Parents and Widows. Other types of campaigns could also be, help for the homeless, mission trips, education, home repairs for the elderly, as well as Veteran assistance and funeral costs.”

“The level of care and integrity that allows our business to prosper and give back to our community, powers the Compassion for Humanity initiative. The opportunity to do good for others and affect positive change has been part of our company mission since the beginning and Compassion for Humanity is our contribution to create social change and goodwill. When you support Compassion Roofing & Remodeling, you help create CHANGE for our brothers and sisters who are in need.”

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