New Course On Debt Reduction Helps Students Eliminate Debt In 24 Months

The path to Financial Freedom starts with a 4-step process of Debt Reduction allowing individuals to become debt free in as little as 24 months.

Most North Americans today are dealing with ever increasing levels of debt finding themselves immobilized and unable to dig their way out of the hole. The debt dilemma has squashed their dreams of financial freedom. This new course from Wealthy and Free Academy provides students with a 4-step approach to eliminating all their debt in a little as two years.

The creators of the course have laid out a simple, yet thorough program that walks the student through 4-steps to being debt free. It features practical insights into how people acquire debt, and more importantly how to eliminate it. Detailed exercises walk the student through the process of first understanding where they spend their money, and eventually using the concept of compounding to pay down their debt and eliminate it in as few as 24 months.

The Course starts with 30 days of tracking, in detail, where you spend your money. It outlines the biggest culprit in debt creation – the ATM machine. Students then are given exercises to track every penny.

The students then move to goal setting. Learning how to set goals, and reward themselves for achievement is crucial to creating the debt free discipline. This goal setting exercise is one that everyone should do regardless of their debt situation. It focuses on creating motivation through goals, and rewarding yourself for accomplishment. This teaches the student the important characteristic of delayed gratification.

The third step focuses on budgeting and spending less than you make. This is one of the toughest elements for the students to learn. They walk the students through creating a budget and understanding what their debt is costing them on a monthly basis.

Finally, the students learn the power of compounding. We are all used to the idea of compounding interest through our investment portfolios. We may also be familiar with the concept of investing a fixed amount per month to increase investment returns. This course shows you how to use the same concepts to accelerate your debt reduction.

Overall this course provides an excellent, easy to follow, approach for the average person to eliminate their debt. It uses practical exercises using the students’ real world numbers to help them build the discipline needed for debt reduction. The result is they learn the correct habits to stay out of future debt. The creators of this course have designed it for anyone to follow. They don’t need any special accounting backgrounds, nor do they need to be financial experts. It’s simple common sense.

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