New Construction Projects in Reno Likely to Impact Traffic: Avoid Car Accidents in Construction Zones with 5 Tips

Several construction projects are planned or underway in Reno, Nevada. More than 40,000 injuries occur each year in highway work zone-related crashes. These five tips can help drivers avoid a car accident.

Some Nevada residents joke that there are two seasons in Nevada: snowy and construction. This is clearly construction season. Those driving around Reno this summer have likely seen many detour signs, road closed warnings, changing traffic patterns, and motorists driving faster or more carelessly than they should.

With several construction projects starting or underway in Reno, this can make driving more hazardous for those on the road. Those using a mobile device in a work zone are four times more likely to be involved in a car crash according to research by the Applied Cognition Lab at the University of Utah. Additionally, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association reports that car accidents in construction zones account for as much as 60 percent of all traffic delays. It’s accidents, not volume of traffic that create the majority of delays.

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Reno residents and commuters can avoid these major road construction zones in Reno:

- The Midtown road improvement project has produced major road construction on on South Virginia between Plumb and Liberty. There are many detours and changing traffic patterns on this stretch of road.

- Additionally, many neighborhoods off Arlington are being affected by heavy construction and road closures due to underground infrastructure improvements. There are many one-way streets in these neighborhoods, so be alert to detour signs.

- There is heavy home and retail construction in the Damonte Ranch area, so be aware of increased large truck presence and heavy equipment. Roads are also being widened in these neighborhoods in anticipation of heavier traffic with increased populations.

- Freeway construction is very likely during the summer and autumn months, so keep your eyes peeled for cone zones and decreased speed signs on I-80 and I-580.

When in a construction zone, follow these five tips to avoid a car accident:

1. Slow down and monitor driving speed. Construction zones almost always have a 10- to 15-mile speed decrease. Those caught speeding can experience big fines and increases to insurance costs.

2. Leave a safe distance between cars. Traffic patterns can change and squeeze lanes, resulting in unexpected stops or quick slowdowns. Keeping a safe distance will help avoid a rear end accident or multi-car pileup.

3. Plan an alternative route to avoid construction zones on your commute. Check for road closures or construction zones before leaving, or use an app like Waze to help you navigate around construction zones, accidents, and rush hour traffic.

4. Don’t change lanes in a construction zone. Once in a construction zone, try to stay in the lane. Changing lanes when traffic is squeezed or patterns have changed is dangerous and creates unnecessary hazards for drivers.

5. Don’t text and drive, and only use a hands-free device when talking and driving. Mobile phones are a leading cause of distracted driving and car accidents.

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