New “Cognitive Bias Survival Guide” Aims to Improve Media Literacy in the Age of Fake News

Technology and science website has released a comprehensive guide to identify and reduce cognitive biases in everyday thinking.

Technology and science website has released a comprehensive guide to identify and reduce cognitive biases in everyday thinking.

Current research and experts agree that Americans are exposed to an increasing amount of pseudo-scientific and “fake” news ranging from politics to vaccines to climate change. This issue is exasperated by common cognitive biases.

Cognitive biases are thinking patterns that make people deviate from rational thinking and the general norm. When falling prey to them, individuals create their own subjective reality from their perception. This leads to the construction of a new social reality that’s based on false information and then dictates behavior in real life. Cognitive biases can lead to inaccurate judgment, distortion of political opinions, illogical interpretation of facts and generally what is broadly called irrationality.

The company’s new Cognitive Bias Survival Guide is designed to equip people with the mental tools they need to escape mental quicksand, make better decisions, and become more informed citizens.

The guide covers are a variety of common biases including those affecting daily decision-making, social interactions, memory formation, and more.

Recent research suggests that there are a number of intellectual stumbling that can get people entangled in wrong judgment without you even noticing. Many of these cognitive biases can lead to errors and irrational decisions that can hold people back and even change the political climate in a country. GeekWrapped’s Survival Guide is designed to reduce wrong conclusions and bad intellectual choices, plus protect people from charlatans trying to exploit biases and ignorance. The company thinks of this as anti-virus software for the brain!

All research and resources are available for free on the GeekWrapped website.


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