New Client Success Story Highlights What BizSlate Has to Offer

By improving efficiency and accuracy, company's cloud-based order and inventory management system fosters stronger customer relationships and boosts revenues, BizSlate reports

When apparel and footwear producers fail to keep up with orders, they risk disappointing their customers or even losing them for good. As a result, many smaller companies in these industries feel forced to pour valuable resources into tedious, painstaking work just to get by. A new report shows how powerful inventory management software created by BizSlate can endow those in the fashion, manufacturing, housewares, and other industries with greatly improved efficiency and accuracy, cutting back on stock outages and resulting in increased customer satisfaction. For one client, the BizSlate system cut order entry times by 75%, even while also adding real-time inventory visibility to a formerly opaque process.

"Of all the challenges that smaller manufacturers and wholesalers face today, keeping up with inventory often proves to be the most imposing," BizSlate representative Eric Lituchy said, "Too many companies struggle with inadequate tools, spending precious hours and energy trying to make up for the shortcomings. BizSlate was created to provide some much needed relief, and our software-as-a-service solution is designed from the ground up to deal deftly with the many issues that concerns of these kinds so regularly face. BizSlate puts our clients back in control, allowing them to deliver predictably and without fail, and to impress their own customers, as a result."

Now a loyal and enthusiastic BizSlate user, Jerusalem Sandals was forced to overcome some significant hurdles along the way. Like many companies of its size, the young, Venice Beach-born company made heavy use of the popular QuickBooks Online accounting package. While that widely relied-upon software proved to be up to the task of managing the growing company's financial details, it forced employees into convoluted, time-consuming busywork when it came to entering orders, adding new items to the system, or keeping an eye on inventory.

BizSlate proved to be an effective answer to these problems and a range of related ones, as a new report at the software producer's website details. The BizSlate Batch Product Creation Wizard alone greatly cut down on the time that Jerusalem Sandals workers spent on updating the digital lineup to reflect the company's rapidly expanding list of offerings. With deep, strategically informed integration with QuickBooks and a range of omni-channel tools, BizSlate simplifies everything from new product entry to order management for companies like Jerusalem Sandals, allowing them to leverage the accounting power of that package while going far beyond its standard capabilities.

With client success stories of this kind and others an increasingly regular feature of BizSlate's growing popularity, visitors to the company's website will find a wealth of information about how the product can help those in a wide range of industries. BizSlate is available now at the QuickBooks App Store, with support for the Shopify e-commerce system having recently been added.

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Helping smaller, growing businesses stay on top of orders and inventory, the cloud-based BizSlate software solution boosts revenues by strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers while improving efficiency, accuracy, and responsiveness.

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