New Campaign Seeks Architectural Firms Who Want to Stand Out From the Crowd

Photography company, Orlando Architectural is ready to help architects to create portfolios that will get their designs noticed.

Architectural firms, like many other companies, have struggled through the housing slump and the recession to keep their heads above water. Both large and small firms have had to become more aggressive to keep up with the changing atmosphere. As with any competitive marketplace, the key to success (beyond talent) is getting noticed. Attention grabbing artwork, particularly photographs that are capable of highlighting past achievements are a wonderful way to showcase talent. Architectural Photographer Julian Parkinson and his company Orlando Architectural are working to expand their client base with their latest media campaign. They are seeking companies that are tired of their traditional portfolios and ad campaigns and are ready for something that will actually stand out.

“As a photography firm we are the type of people that appreciate the beauty in the world around us. One of the most difficult aesthetic challenges in any community is often modern architecture, because too frequently companies streamline their designs to reduce costs,” explain Parkinson while discussing his newest media campaign.

“We are always excited when we have the opportunity to work with an architectural company that is devoted to creating more than just a building. This includes those firms who are rehabbing vintage architecture as well as those who are building from the ground up. Those companies,” Parkinson expressed, “that put the time into intricate design and eye-catching features are the ones who are preserving cities and towns even as they are helping them to be developed. That is what we want to capture on film. We want to take their creations and help people to see them in a way they may never have been able to before.”

Parkinson explained that his company works hard to understand who each architectural firm they work with is and what they are hoping to accomplish with the projects they undertake. “We do not send a Photographer to a photo shoot to take several generic snapshots of an average looking building. We create a unique look by capturing the essence of a building, highlighting its lines and features, even portraying the Interiors in a way that when someone sees the photos, they instantly are able to identify the firm that made it possible.”

The company would love to hear from any architectural firm that is ready to have their work exposed to the world. If they want their advertising and their portfolio to reflect the high quality of their designs, now is the time to contact Orlando Architectural. However, they would also like to express that they do not limit their work to architects, any business that wants to see their location captured in a new way should contact them for a consultation.

About Orlando Architectural

Orlando Architectural is a photography firm led by professional photographer Julian Parkinson. Parkinson is an experienced architectural and commercial photographer with a large portfolio of impressive clients in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. With Orlando Architectural, Parkinson’s organization is accepting new clients everywhere across the state of Florida.

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