New Book on Curing the Affliction of Being Successful

"It's Not Just About The Money!" by life coach and wellness expert Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D., has just been published. Success, money, power, and status fail to yield genuine happiness -- and here's the cure.

"It's Not Just About The Money!" A Practical Guide to Really Being Happy by life coach and wellness expert Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D., has just been published. To their dismay, even most successful executives discover that success, money, power, and status fail to yield genuine happiness.

“If you are successful and yet still feel empty, mildly yet persistently dissatisfied, unfulfilled or that you lack breathing space,” says Dr. Bradford, “you may also have no idea how to become genuinely happy. The problem comes from a fundamental imbalance. It is correcting that imbalance – not success – that yields the genuine happiness you deserve.”

Here are the logical steps required to solve the problem permanently:

1. Identify the imbalance.
2. Understand the imbalance.
3. Understand how to correct the imbalance.
4. Find a method that works to correct the imbalance.
5. Use that method to cure the imbalance and follow the bliss.

Although it’s not easy to cure the imbalance, the good news is that curing the imbalance is simple.

Those who are unsuccessful focus on becoming successful and typically believe that success will automatically yield genuine happiness. They often single-mindedly pursue success only to discover that, although success is valuable, it does not yield lasting peace of mind.

After studying living wisely or well for over 50 years, Dr. Bradford explains in this book exactly how to attain genuine happiness and abiding peace of mind. Surprisingly, it does not involve gaining anything more. In fact, centering life requires letting go of the compulsive thoughts and their accompanying emotions that poison life.

Dr. Bradford is the premier life coach who has helped hundreds of people understand and find genuine happiness and lasting fulfillment. Go to: to request a free assessment and consultation.

Dr. Dennis E. Bradford is an outspoken, irreverent educator who encourages people to do a lot better by relying on their own experiences. For a fascinating interview (even on short notice), call (716) 408-0343.

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