New Blog Post by Pierre Charles Discusses The Latest Methods Of Generating Leads

BestMLMMarketing has published a new blog entry on the topic of acquiring marketing leads. Both traditional and new methods are discussed. and Pierre Charles are pleased to announce the release of an informative blog post on the subject of network marketing leads. The author of the blog begins with a description of the traditional approach to obtaining marketing leads for network businesses. There are more and more businesses which are adding an online component to their traditional bricks and mortar locations. Other entrepreneurs are only interested in an online presence. A way of setting up an online business quickly is through the use of network marketing.

The blog piece describes the benefits and limitations of Facebook, Twitter, video marketing and Pay-Per-Click through Google and Bing. Generating marketing leads used to require a level of self-confidence and face-to-face confidence. Now there are methods which can be largely automated. Understanding the effort involved is facilitated by those marketers who are willing to put in the effort.

Facebook used to be a rich source of leads, but over the years, the Terms of Service have changed to close off some of the more easily acquired lead pathways. Facebook's decision to go public has caused the firm to move to a more financially focused direction. Increasing the cost of advertisements which previously were used to capture leads is one example of the changes.

Twitter is another social media platform that can be effective in capturing leads. Marketers can write articles or blogs and then post Tweets which link to the articles. Use of this method should be limited to only about ten percent of the total posts, in order to avoid being marked as a spammer.

Video marketing is a very recent development in the industry. The growth of the method is expected to grow substantially in less than two years. A skilled professional with knowledge of SEO can use video marketing tactics to rank on Google's page 1 of the search results. Pay Per Click or PPC can be very effective if done correctly.

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