New Bible Area Aims To Help Investors Make Full Use Of Network Resources To Maximize their Wealth

The NBA, known as the New Bible Area, is a mysterious force originating from the Deep Web, and with a total circulation of 10 billion.

Nothing is eternal, and only innovation can survive. The new holy land, a bright innovation from the Deep Web, opens the doors to a new era of de-centralization. This has every possibility to become an epic of de-centralization of commercial ecology.

The NBA, known as the New Bible Area, is a mysterious force originating from the Deep Web, and with a total circulation of 10 billion, it is a de-centralization digital asset based on the Ethereum (ETH), carrying the mission of transmitting the ecological value of the new holy land and promoting the progress of social civilization.

NBA, based on effective social circle layer and on the concept of consensual trust mechanism, is supported by cross-chain finance and chain business consumption system. It pioneered the concept of fluid mining and integrated the concept of DeFi + 0 free mining + cloud mining.

Based on statistics, global financial investment reached $45 trillion a year, while online consumption reached $5 trillion a year. In order to fully realize their commercial value, NBA, through the fluid mining mode, locks the relationship in the de-centralization state, participates in the NBA's fission promotion, and wins rich NBA and USDT awards. Moreover, the innovative concept of fluid mining in NBA makes it possible for investors to make reasonable use of their network resources and maximize their wealth.

NBA launched 7 profit scenes, enabling the users to grow from a freshman to a miner, and at each level, they can fully enjoy the benefit.

Free Mining

After registration and real-name authentication, users can get a 10T entity mining machine, and can receive Token valuing 1U value daily. If users receive for successive 15 days, they can easily get Token valuing 15U free of charge.

Chain Business - - Achieving Pain-Free Consumption

In the chain business plate, the NBA consumption can be used, and the NBA Token will be presented 100%. The chain business establishes "profit pool" through surrendering part of the profits by merchants, and the chain business platform shares profits based on NBA profits held by users weekly or monthly, to enable users truly achieve painless consumption in the chain business field.

Super Node NBA Coin Mining

NBA defines 60 coin-casting sessions (60 nodes), each of which corresponds to a specific second, and opens the main web with 15 super nodes. As the network grows, the number of super nodes increases to 30-60.
Next look at the earnings data:

In full node, block produces 15 times in 1 minute, block produces 1 time in 1 minute in each node, and currently, 1 block's award is 36 NBAs.

1. Of course, you have a choice to be a super node, and you can get node coinage right by challenging existing nodes after paying a challenge fee.

2. According to the SPoS white paper design, and calculating according to the SPoS 15 nodes, in each node, every day, 51,840 NBA coins are produced. All the nodes are the same, and it is not that the more coin interests on the node, the greater the income.

In the future, the wealth standard of the rich is no longer the number in the bank, but the exclusive wealth free channel that everyone has built up through the NBA platform and the application of de-centralization system. Thus, NBA will inaugurate a new era of decentralization of wealth.

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