New Barron Wealth Strategies Resources And Seminar Tackle Retirement Planning

Newly published features at company's website and free, upcoming seminar will help Weatherford-area locals better understand how to plan and invest for retirement, Barron Wealth Strategies reports

Despite living longer lives than ever, many Americans are falling short when it comes to saving for retirement. As Motley Fool and others have reported, nearly half of all workers today have saved nothing for retirement at all, with even 40 percent of Baby Boomers falling into this group. New and updated resources at the Barron Wealth Strategies website make it clear that planning and investing for retirement can be simpler than many assume. Partner with a personal financial advisor who understands the issues, and retirement can become the positive, secure time for which most hope, as the new resources and a free seminar scheduled for February 22 will show.

"For many years now it has been clear that Americans are simply not saving and investing enough for retirement," said Barron Wealth Strategies founder and Independent Financial Planner Mike Barron, CPA, AAMS, CDFA, "I founded this company in part to provide some much-needed assistance with this issue to people throughout the Weatherford area. The reality is that ensuring a secure, enjoyable retirement is within reach of the vast majority of those who seek out the right kind of help. Retirement Planning helps you live your golden years like you want to, and that is something that anyone can appreciate."

Even in the face of so many doubts about the continued viability of the system, more than a third of all Americans over the age of 65 are completely dependent on Social Security payments for financial support. Surveys show that around four in five Americans between the ages of 30 and 54 worry that they are saving too little for retirement, with nearly four in ten of all workers not specifically saving for retirement at all.

Since its founding in 2010, Barron Wealth Strategies has helped people and families in the Weatherford area achieve their financial goals of all kinds. By creating personalized plans that account for each client's unique situation and priorities, the company puts investors on track to enjoy the kind of financial security and resources that so many value and hope for.

New and updated resources at the Barron Wealth Strategies website help explain how readers can more effectively pursue their retirement-related goals. From weighing likely future Social Security benefits against other sources of income to planning how best to distribute investment returns as retirement progresses, the new features will prove to be helpful to many. Website visitors can also learn more about upcoming Barron Wealth Strategies events, including a free seminar covering Social Security scheduled for February 22 at 5:30 p.m.

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