New App Launches to Ensure Users Never Miss A Facebook Message With Facebook Messenger

New App launches that embeds Facebook Messenger into windows so that users can be logged into chat at all times while their computer is switched on.

Facebook has become ubiquitous in the lives of hundreds of millions of people the world over. The site has ensured that friends, family and associates can stay connected even over long distances or even across continents. Content on people’s lives can be shared in every available media, while new additions like chat mean that it can be a fully social or private place to chat and catch up with friends. However, Facebook Chat has only been available within the Facebook portal in a browser, until now. Facebook Messenger for Windows will change all that, making connecting to friends easier than ever.

The free Facebook Messenger download will enable individuals to access their facebook friend list for instant messaging direct from their computer via their internet connection instead of having to go through a browser and log in to Facebook directly. Having to log in to Facebook has caused several challenges and obstacles to smooth communication as people get distracted or navigate away in the middle of a conversation, however the new app promises to solve this issue.

The application has been created to overcome these disadvantages by operating in the same way as any other program on Windows, simply clicking the icon will open up Facebook chat in its own isolated environment.

A spokesperson for Facebook Messenger explained, “This was developed using free open source programming to fulfill a simple need felt by many users of Facebook. While someone can be fully engrossed in a chat, it is still so easy to navigate away from Facebook by closing the tab or going to another site, whereupon the conversation is interrupted. With this application the conversation can keep going because people are able to stay logged in to Facebook chat through Facebook Messenger, liberating the tab to be used freely while the conversation can continue. It’s a simple but elegant solution to an annoyance that has plagued many users ever since chat was introduced.”

About Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger helps people stay connected while surfing the web, watching videos, playing a game or working. Facebook Messenger allows people to use Facebook Chat without having to be logged on to Facebook. This site is not owned operated or endorsed by Facebook, and the program is based on the GNU LGPL project.

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