New Amazon Kindle Book Shows How Forex Traders Can Sell Their Trading Knowledge And Make A Passive Income

The definitive book on turning an interest in currency trading into a lucrative business opportunity is now available in a digital form for use with Kindle. The book is "How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service" and it is now available at Amazon.

Written by Rimantas Petrauskas, the book offers a step by step guide for people who see the opportunity for success by starting and growing their own signal service. It's like having someone pointing out potential pitfalls, and leading along the path to a great income.

The book has been on the market for about a year. It has generated interest and sold hundreds of copies in book form. But this book is too valuable for the masses to miss it because it is only presented and is available in the print format. So author Rimantas Petrauskas decided to offer it to a wider audience by providing it in the digital format in addition to the print version. This will make the business opportunity this book outlines accessible to millions more people worldwide. This can make a valuable addition to the summer reading list of entrepreneurs and others with an interest in currency trading who want to know how to sell trading signals.

The print version of "How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service" has been well received internationally. People interested in the international currency market were drawn to it because of the valuable information it provides. So many people expressed an interest in the book that it rose as high as number 4 on the list of the top 100 books in the Foreign Exchange category. Offering the book in the digital format and producing a Kindle version will surely benefit people worldwide that are looking for a lucrative business opportunity.

While the book is an interesting read for anyone with an interest in independent business, it's of particular interest to currency traders. Many currency traders are looking for a simple way to start their own business in this exciting field. The book provides an easy to follow guide for getting into the field. For many currency traders this book has the exact information they need to help them start their own trading signals selling business. By offering a digital version the author is able to give many more currency traders easy and convenient access to the information.

Rimantas Petrauskas is uniquely qualified to write "How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service". The author has many years of experience in the field and has played many roles in the industry. He has spent a number of years as a Forex trader. He is also an entrepreneur that has created several successful businesses. What has given him truly unique insights into the industry is his work as a programmer. Petrauskas has been involved in creating effective software for use in forex signal delivery and currency trading for more than 6 years. He has helped numerous customers by creating hundreds of trading robots. He is now giving the general public access to this valuable information.

For people that are interested in providing information on trades to potential customers and starting an independent signal service, there is one piece of software they need. That software is featured in "How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service". In the book it is called the Remote Trade Copier. The name has since been changed to the Signal Magician software. It's one of the simplest ways to provide customers with the information they need to be successful when making trades on the currency market. The software increases their understanding of how to take advantage of the opportunities in the currency market.

For someone interested in the currency market and considering opening an independent signal service, the book provides the information needed in book form or on Kindle by visiting Amazon.

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