New Advice by an Orange County Auto Accident Law Firm on What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

There is a list of important steps to take right after a car accident. Don't risk compromising personal injury lawsuits by skipping any.

Whether it’s rear-end collisions, head-on accidents, side-impacts and T-bones, multiple vehicle accidents or pedestrians hit by cars, there are important things to do at the scene of an accident and soon afterward. Skipping one important step can compromise the results of personal injury claims.

Hit and runs/leaving the scene are criminal offenses. This includes parking lot accidents, minor collisions / fender benders and especially car accident fatalities. Be sure to stay at the scene and don’t leave the accident scene until it’s appropriate to do so. If there is significant property damage or physical injury, call the police and get medical attention if needed. Law enforcement will fill out a police report for proper documentation of the incident; insurance companies always want a police report. Be sure to obtain the name and badge numbers of the responding police officers. If drunk & impaired driving is suspected, be sure to let the officer know. - Read more on 12 Things to Remember After a Car Accident -

Think like a detective and get the names, phone numbers, license plate numbers and insurance information from all drivers involved in the collision, including passengers. Even though emotions are typically high after a car accident, remain cooperative and friendly. Never apologize for the accident or admit any type of fault. Don’t admit guilt unnecessarily or unintentionally. It only implies legal liability. Talk to witnesses about what they saw and get their names, addresses and phone numbers. Ask if there have been other accidents in the location of the accident. In addition, take photos of the accident scene and vehicular damage. Photos help insurance adjusters assess the damage and appropriate compensation and show the true extent of the damage immediately after the collision. Plus, photos may help determine who was at fault for the car accident.

If injured, request transportation to a hospital. Whiplash and other neck injuries, spinal cord and back injuries, knee, ankle and leg injuries and concussions and other head injuries should be immediately evaluated and treated. It’s also important to keep track of any medical treatment. Keep a detailed account of physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and other medical professionals who render medical treatment for injuries. Keep copies of all medical bills, including medications. These help establish and prove medical expenses in personal injury claims. Also, keep a record of how injuries have impacted daily life, such as missed workdays and activities that are no longer possible. Learn more on 9 Steps on What to Do After a Car Accident in California -

Promptly notify the insurance company of the accident. Tell the truth about how the accident occurred, let them know injuries incurred and always cooperate. Obtain the police report in order to point out any broken traffic laws and who was at fault to the insurance company. For example, the other driver may have been given a citation for running a red light.

Lastly, find a personal injury lawyer to help attain fair compensation from the insurance company. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement for damages or file a lawsuit to fight it out in court. Keep in mind that insurance company representatives are there to save their company money and try to offer a low settlement. A personal injury law firm is there to win maximum compensation for injuries and damages due to motor vehicle collision accident within the greater Orange County California area. Need help with a possible injury claim contact alexander D. Napolin at: (714) 265-7526.

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