Nevan Donahue Says Blue Sphere Foundation Uses Art and Activism to Inspire the Protection of the Ocean

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Scientists and green activists believe the educational message needs to spread faster

Art and human history cannot be separated since its earliest forms are seen as rudimentary images scratched on cave walls. Today, art even uses digital technologies, as it evolved and served many different purposes. Art served as means of spiritual and creative expression, communication, entertainment, cultural observation or commentary. Its most important role was that of pushing for a change, be it personal, social, or political. In the pursuit of its mission to protect the oceans and aquatic life, Blue Sphere Foundation channels the power of art and media to galvanize people into action and inspire support for its cause, says Nevan Donahue, a senior executive at and a dedicated marine conservation supporter.

While awareness about environmental issues is rising steadily, scientists and green activists believe the educational message needs to spread faster so that measures can be taken before it becomes too late. Problems like plastic pollution, chemical run-off from farms, and over-fishing require urgent attention, all the more so given that oceans are critical for sustaining life on Earth, James Nevan Donahue points out. These bodies of water represent 99% of the planet’s living space, yet people have explored less than 10% of this vast expanse. In addition, over three billion people rely on them for their livelihoods, and the oceans are also critically important from a climate perspective as they absorb 30% of the carbon dioxide and 90% of the excess heat humans produce. As Blue Sphere Foundation notes, “Oceans account for 71% of the planet, but less than 2% are protected.”

Given the vital role of a healthy marine ecosystem and the urgency of the task at hand, the organization is advancing its agenda by combining art and activism to foster awareness and inspire action, Nevan Donahue explains. Through the use of photography, film, and multimedia projects, it seeks to reveal the beauty and vulnerability of aquatic life, harnessing the power of art to trigger a response. At the same time, Blue Sphere Foundation employs media, story-telling, and outreach as part of its effort to instigate policy changes on a global, national, and local level, as well as to conduct campaigns aimed at reversing unsustainable consumption habits. Prioritizing the areas in most urgent need of action, the organization’s members go there to provide immediate support, lead investigations, and lay the groundwork for the infrastructure required to effect long-term change.

Nevan Donahue is responsible for strategy and business development at – a collective of writers catering to the needs of marketers, brands, and individuals. Drawing on the creative power of more than 10,000 content producers, the online social comedy platform provides original ideas in real time, helping clients meet the specific demands of communication in the digital age. James Nevan Donahue and his wife, Sarah Berner, are the founders of The Real Senior Prom – a service specialized in organizing dance parties at senior homes, centers, and residences. Outside of work, he is an ardent supporter of environmental causes, most notably ocean conservation, and is a board member at Blue Sphere Foundation.

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