Nevada Affordable Repair Reports on DIY Garage Door Repair Hazards

Individuals often fail to take into account the scope of the project and how to remain safe, thus they sustain an injury. The repairs are best handled by the pros, announces

Individuals often look to save money by completing household tasks without the assistance of a professional. Although this may make sense when fixing a leaky faucet or toilet, people need to take care when repairing a garage door. Injuries that may occur during a repair of this type include lacerations, amputated limbs and even death when the garage door falls during the process. Electrocution and muscle injuries have been reported also, thus it is best to call in someone with experience in garage door service. One's health should never be put at risk to save money.

"The various components of the garage door may have one or more sharp protrusions which can lead to nasty injuries, especially in the area of the garage door tracks. This is due to the sharp edges typically present on these tracks. Simply catching a hand or arm on the track or the protrusion can require a trip to the emergency room for stitches, yet many people never stop to think of these dangers when repairing the door. As a professional works with these issues every day, they are less likely to be injured. Therefore, they should be called in to tackle the repair," Robert Jackson, spokesperson for Nevada Affordable Repair, announces.

Garage doors need electrical components to work properly, as the vast majority of homes now have a garage door opener. The power must be cut to the door opener before any work is carried out, yet people often assume there is no power going to the unit as it isn't working. They are then electrocuted when carrying out the repair. As a result, they may be shocked or burned. Sadly, some individuals have lost their life as a result of working on a garage door opener that is still connected to the electrical circuit.

"While the risk of electrocution isn't overwhelming, any danger to a person's life should be taken into consideration. As there are so many things a person has to keep in mind when carrying out the garage door repair, such as the steps needed to complete the repair, they may overlook certain safety steps. The professional carries out this work every day and knows what must be done to complete the job and remain safe. For this reason, garage door repairs should always be left to them," Jackson explains.

A homeowner should never assume a garage door repair is going to be costly. When caught early, many problems can be fixed at very reasonable prices. All work needs to be carried out with quality parts, however, to ensure the safety of individuals residing in the home and guests. An inferior part is just as dangerous as a DIY garage door repair, thus this is one area where corners should never be cut.

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