Networking In Finance – A Detailed Guide To Landing The Top Jobs In Finance

Landing a job in the finance industry is tough, networking can help

Tier 1 Wall Street is pleased to share their new detailed guide of the strategies and tools for networking in finance. These strategies include making an impression beyond the resume for top finance positions like investment banking, asset management, private equity, or any kind of top tier one job.

Building a strong network and having connections at top firms makes a big difference when it comes to getting recognized and increasing your chances of landing an interview. By having made strong connections within a top firm, odds of landing an interview improve significantly since someone within the firm could flag your resume for consideration. Getting a ‘thumbs up’ from the inside goes a long way because it means that people already working within the firm believe a potential candidate would make a good fit.

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Techniques to reach out and build a network include finding the right people to target, reaching out over email, and working alumni connections. Making cold calls is not an option. It becomes impersonal, transparent, and lacks all the warmth a genuine networking connection would bring. Finding common ground is critical here as people within some of these top firms only want to hire people they genuinely like.

The kind of people that should be tapped to build up a network can vary between entry-level analysts and higher up managing directors. Many people reach out over LinkedIn, but this becomes saturated and not necessarily the area higher-ups focus their attention.

However, business emails are a great way to make connections, as everyone within finance is constantly checking their email. Lastly, alumni connections are wonderful to tap into. If there are networking events, conferences, and regional meetups, then create a calendar and plan to attend. It’s never guaranteed who will show up, and this is where pots can really start to stir.

These strategies and more are available in detail through the Tier 1 Wall Street website. Thoughtful techniques for breaking into the finance field and begin networking in finance. Following the guide helps lay out the ways to break into the financial job of your desire.

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