Network Coverage Launches App-as-a-Service as part of their Real-Time Cloud Product Suite

Network Coverage is a rapidly growing, nationwide Managed Services Provider that is leading the way with innovative Real-Time Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security.

Network Coverage, an industry leader in Cloud Services & Technology, has launched their App-as-a-Service product to deliver “Sage-as-a-Service” as part of their Real-Time Cloud product suite. Sage-as-a-Service is a solution that streams products such as Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, Sage Paperless and more, direct from a web browser across practically any device or connection.

Network Coverage is a Sage Development Partner who also routinely team up with other Sage Resellers, Partners and Consultants to deliver exceptional support and solutions for Sage customers. Sage-as-a-Service delivers something new and unique for Sage partners and customers looking to expand the accessibility and performance of their Sage apps.

Alex Joy, Chief Business Officer, discusses what makes Sage-as-a-Service so special in the market:

“The truth is that our solution offers something that no other solution in the market can offer today; accessibility without sacrificing performance or functionality.”

Innovating on behalf of the customer is a key part of Network Coverage’s success and continues to be a driver for their growth.

“We can deliver the full and complete Sage 300 CRE application in a Google Chrome browser, for example, with lightning fast response time and access to all internal data and resources that the user needs to get their job done, and do so entirely from an iPad.” Joy said, “It’s really incredible, and it hasn’t been possible to do until now.”

Eric Tomah, the Chief Information Officer for Network Coverage and the lead visionary in the development of this solution, expanded upon Joy’s statements:

“Utilizing our expertise in cloud and leveraging the powerful backbone of our NetCov Real-Time Cloud technology, we were able to do something that nobody has been able to do before with Sage, and that was to stream it in real-time to practically any device that has a web browser and at least a 3G-grade Internet connection.”

NetCov Real-Time Cloud utilizes multiple cloud-providers to bake-in redundancy, continuity and increase performance.

“Sage 50, 100, 300, etc – these are traditionally desktop apps that required you to be tapped into an on-premise network infrastructure with a high-performance solid-state workstation. With Sage-as-a-Service, you can be on any network with even the most basic of devices and get next-gen performance from the solution. Additionally, you can login via a web browser without the need for clunky VPNs or remote desktop apps. It’s all contained in the solution which is how it can be so device-agnostic.” Tomah conveyed, “This is light years ahead of where we were before this solution existed and our customers are extremely excited about the positive impact that this can have for their businesses and productivity.”

Network Coverage is a rapidly growing, nationwide Managed Services Provider that is leading the way with innovative Real-Time Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security. With offices in Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Chicago, Tennessee and Utah, Network Coverage continues to expand its presence to meet clients’ needs and the needs of the market.

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