Nerds On Call Sacramento Now Offers Onsite Computer and More to the Greater Sacramento Area

A fully mobile computer repair service is now available for homes and businesses all across the Greater Sacramento area.

Since 2011, Nerds On Call Computer Repair provides a mobile computer repair service in Sacramento. For Sacramentans lucky enough to live near the heart of Sacramento, the service is wildly popular. A trusted company who are willing to send a trained technician right to your home or businesses’ front door? It’s a no brainer why they are so popular.

Expanding a mobile service to the entirety of Greater Sacramento is no mean feat! Head Honcho at Nerds On Call, Ryan Eldridge, thinks now is the perfect time to bust into offering an old school onsite computer service to Greater Sacramento’s roughly 2. 5 million residents: “People want the convenience of home repair from someone they can trust,” Ryan says. “With more and more big companies moving away from a hands-on repair service, at Nerds On Call we want to give customers what they want and go in the exact opposite direction.”

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Given Nerds On Call’s track record in Sacramento, the bold move to expand its mobile service looks promising. They were voted best in Sacramento County for eight years running and are already a known and trusted entity across West Sacramento, Midtown, South Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Folsom and their heartland where it all began, Downtown Sacramento California.

“If you break a desktop or laptop, you want a complete repair fast from someone you trust,” Ryan continued. “Onsite repair doesn’t just get rid of all the hassle of getting your computer to a technician. It also means you can see who’s repairing it. You can ask questions. I think more than anything our customers appreciate that peace of mind.”

The professional team offers same-day appointments for tech shop repairs, online remote support and mobile support at the customer's location. The company technicians provide a range of services, including Windows PC Repairs, Apple/Mac repairs, hardware repair and Internet problems. The company is also able to perform data recovery from all kinds of devices, including external drives, desktop computers, laptops, handheld devices, and even SD cards.

Mobile services of any kind these days are something of a rarity. By bucking the trend, Nerds On Call look set to offer a unique and valuable tech service throughout the Greater Sacramento area.

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Name: Ryan Eldridge
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Organization: Nerds On Call Computer Repair
Address: 500 David J Stern Walk Suite 111, Sacramento CA 95814
Phone: (916) 260-2752

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