Neopoint Sale Expands Currency and Items Purchasable For Use Within Neopets Game

Neopets is a new and exciting pet simulator game that has taken the world by storm, and individuals obsessed with the game can now buy currency and items to use in game at

Neopets is a hugely popular game in which individuals care for and nurture, raise up eventually evolve digital pets. A spiritual successor to fads like the Tamagotchi, Neopets has outlived them all thanks to a hugely varied and stimulating gaming experience. The game is now so popular that many experienced gamers seek the next level of challenge in raising a rare and exotic neopet, but lack the in-game funds to do so. allows people to safely, easily and economically buy Neopoints to buy neopets features in-game, and has just introduced a range of other in-game items for sale.

These include transmogrification potions that can transform a neopet’s core features, pet paint brushes that can change their outward appearance and color, and battledome items for those rearing predators, and petpets so their neopets can have a pet of their own. In addition, users can outright buy neopets.

All these items are in addition to an expanded range of Neopoints packages, now with seven different strata between 3 and 50 million neopoints, which will in one single purchase ensure players never need more neopoints again. All these purchases come with instant delivery of the full amount, so players can get straight on with creating more in-game mayhem than ever.

A spokesperson for Neopoint Sale explained, “We have hugely diversified our product range to include new and much requested in-game items for affordable prices. Every item for sale comes with a detailed product description, high quality imagery of the items uses in-game and in many cases instant delivery, all with fast, easy and secure payment options. There has never been a better way to get the most out of the neopets experience, and thanks to our dedicated customer service team, individuals are guaranteed a seamless and enjoyable experience.”

About Neopoint Sale: Neopoint Sale was founded by a group of retired Neopets players who understand the problems that Neopets players face, while having the expertise and experience to help solve them. Their solution is simple, safe, cost effective, and easy, enabling players to purchase neopoints from Neopoint Sale to help people own rare and exclusive neopets and adorn them with extras.

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