Negotiation Experts Uncover Key Question for Leaders to Hire the Best Sales Negotiators

The Negotiation Experts latest research has led to an accidental breakthrough discovery. Sales leaders are now more easily able to hire the best sales negotiators for their businesses as a result of the discovery of a single powerful question.

One of the biggest challenges facing sales leaders is hiring the best sales teams. Almost everyone’s now good at answering tough interview questions. So what’s the killer question to sort the wheat from the chaff? The Negotiation Experts believe they’ve discovered the answer.

For over fourteen years The Negotiation Experts have profiled many thousands attending their Sales Negotiation Training globally. While their profile asks many questions, one question has risen above all the rest in predicting tomorrow’s top performers. The Negotiation Experts have used a variety of measures, including their facilitators watching negotiators on their sales negotiation courses, reviewing responses from their graduates’ assessments, comparing scores from their online sales negotiation sims, plus some follow-up with graduates years later. The Negotiation Experts believe these measures have yielded the difference that makes the difference, which could earn savvy sales leaders an uncountable fortune by hiring the best talent.

Their stellar question surprises most: “Read any books relevant to negotiation, sales, influencing or persuasion?”

Calum Coburn from the Negotiation Experts claims: “Most sales negotiators work hard, possess good people skills, have received some training, and know their products and services. So the difference that makes the difference turns out being sales negotiators' passion and perseverance in pursuing improvement.”

When asked why books make the difference, he refers to Angela Duckworth’s findings shared in her best-selling book ‘Grit.’ Duckworth’s research identifies applicants’ hobbies as being the single best predictor of those who have grit. Duckworth claims that those who have pursued a hobby for at least a year, and preferably two years, show the tenacity to succeed when the going gets tough.

“Let’s face it, sales is a tough job. Sales professionals deal with rejection and resistance. So having grit, carving out time to read plus graduate from training courses is a proven recipe for long-term success. While we don’t see most readers applying a great deal of what they’ve found in books, we do notice the readers possessing more passion and perseverance,” says Negotiation Expert Calum Coburn.

Roughly how many sales professionals from B2B corporates have read one or more sales related books? The Negotiation Experts’ research shows only 10% to 15% have read sales related books, other than training-prescribed books. The Negotiation Experts also claim that those who read several books enjoy the greatest career trajectory from the results they achieve.

The Negotiation Experts also share that while their research shows professional buyers read less than sellers, buyers have been closing this gap in recent years, reading more books and taking more negotiation courses than previously.

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