Natura Feed Ingredients Reports on China Animal Feed Production

China recently announced it is boosting animal feed production, yet consumers need to purchase carefully. We offer high-quality ingredients and products to keep animals safe, announces

China recently announced its plans to increase animal feed production. The country's Minister of Agriculture states they would like to be producing 220 million tons per year by 2020. Animal feed manufacturers and producers need to find a way to distinguish their products from those being offered by this country, often at a lower price. One way to do so is to emphasize the quality of products produced in America. Natura Feed Ingredients, therefore, is launching a campaign to ensure customers know they are getting the highest-quality when they choose to work with this provider.

"With our help, clients find they can raise the nutritional value of their and boost the performance of their animals. However, they often worry about the cost associated with doing so. Those who choose to partner with us discover this concern can be laid to rest. We are committed to the success of our clients and work to keep our prices reasonable to help achieve this goal," Jeremy Guney, spokesperson for Natura Feed Ingredients, explains.

China remains known for adding filler to its animal feed products. This problem has been of concern for more than a decade now, with filler being found in a wide range of products. This includes baby and pet foods along with animal feed. Manufacturers in the country routinely added melamine to products such as pig, poultry, and fish feed. Regulators are monitoring the issue more closely now, but no production company should take chances with their livelihood.

"Companies concerned about the ingredients in their feed know they can count on us. Natura Feed Ingredients never contain filler, as animals deserve only the best. We work with small, organic farms as well as multinational products that choose to manufacture their own feed. Our entire product line may be found at," Guney continues.

Furthermore, those in need of all natural products that are already mixed count on Natura Feed Ingredients ( for their animal feed. These highly-concentrated products allow for economical shipping anywhere in the world. The company works to find the right logistics plan for the customer, as opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach.

"Our goal is to find the solutions that best work for the client. We recognize that each company has their own unique needs when it comes to animal feed. We strive to fulfill every order promptly without sacrificing quality to do so," Guney states.

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Natura Feed Ingredients is dedicated to helping customers raise their feed's nutritional value, improve animals' performance, and reduce their overall cost. Natura Feed Ingredients' typical customer is an animal feed manufacturer or animal producer. They operate in the poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture sectors, and range in size from small, organic farms to multinational producers manufacturing their own feed. One thing that's consistent among customers, no matter their size or specialty, is Natura Feed Ingredients' commitment to their success. Clients are dedicated to their feed, animals, and business needs, and the company will be dedicated to the client's as well, through every stage of the product life cycle.

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