National Fitness Launches Biophase Fitness Software For Its Fitness Partners

Fitness club management specialist, National Fitness, has recently launched its Biophase fitness software, which is available to member partners.

National Fitness, a fitness club management specialist, has recently launched a fitness software product that could benefit its member partners as well as their clientele. Described as cutting edge technology, the Biophase Fitness Software is designed to enable fitness trainers to do more hands on training and be less involved with paperwork, which in turn means that fitness club clients get a better service.

According to officials from National Fitness, the new software could help to increase sales of personal training programs as well as inspire members with regards to their fitness. The software, which can be viewed at, offers a range of features that can inspire members to work harder as well as to help promote the sale and popularity of personal training programs amongst National Fitness partners that decide to use the software.

One of the features offered with the software is the ability to create a before and after photo of the client, enabling them to see what they would look like after shedding excess weight. This is designed to inspire the member and encourage them to sign up to the program. There is also the facility to carry out paperless nutrition and fitness assessments, so personal trainers do not have to deal with reams of paperwork.

A representative from National Fitness said: "Our new Biophase fitness software is designed to make life easier for personal trainers, increase motivation for clients, and increase training program sales for National Fitness partners. This means that using the software puts member clubs and their clients in a win-win situation. This is innovative, cutting edge fitness software that offers a host of benefits, including the reduction of paperwork which means greater time efficiency and reduced costs."

Those interested in signing up for the software can go onto the National Fitness website in order to sign up. Website visitors can also learn more about the software through the website, with an informational video available for those who want to find out more details.

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