National Bronze Metals Evolves For The Future With New Brand ID - AVIVA Metals

35th Anniversary provides opportunity for fresh brand identity.

Houston, Texas, November 10, 2017 – The leading USA manufacturer of Bronze, Brass and Copper Alloys, National Bronze Metals (NBM Metals) held an employee 35th anniversary celebration and unveiled the new brand identity – AVIVA METALS. AVIVA is a Hebrew word meaning spring, the season of growth. This new name communicates AVIVA Metal’s desire to inspire and create a wealth of new ideas and services, and to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination to become a global industry leader.

“Celebrating the 35th anniversary, entering a new year and global expansion provides an ideal time to roll out the Aviva Metals brand,” commented Michael Greathead, President of AVIVA Metals. “National Bronze & Metals has provided a company identity as the leading USA manufacturer of Bronze, Brass and Copper Alloys. As AVIVA continues to grow the national and global footprint and expand both the manufacturing and machining services AVIVA needs to differentiate AVIVA Metals, demonstrate leadership, show confidence and expand on AVIVA global growth and awareness.”

Over the past 35 years, NBM Metals has revolutionized the cast bronze and brass industry in North America. With a long family heritage in the manufacturing of extruded brasses and wrought bronzes, this tremendous growth has earned NBM Metals a national reputation as an industry leader. Continuing to raise the bar on quality, the mission is to always exceed customers’ expectations. It is through teamwork and dedication to detail, that has made AVIVA Metals the leading manufacturer of brass, bronze, and copper alloys.

As AVIVA continues to grow and lead the future of the industry by expanding NBM Metals operates nationally and on the global market, NBM Metals is doing this with a fresh identity–with the new name AVIVA Metals. This new identity celebrates the revolutionary impact AVIVA Metals has in the industry from manufacturing and machinery to distribution and customer service. AVIVA Metals clearly defines the new direction we are taking the company and the pursuit of achieving global influence.

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