Nashville Buyers Need Houses to Purchase

Real estate buyers are looking for properties in Nashville because there are many strong signs that the local economy will just continue to improve.

“Demand for Nashville real estate just keeps growing,” says DeAndre Thomas, founder of Legacy Management & Investment Group LLC.

“Real estate buyers are looking for properties in Nashville because there are many strong signs that the local economy will just continue to improve,” said Thomas.

Strong job growth in Nashville, especially in manufacturing and health care, has driven demand for housing and helped boost the local economy.

Home values have risen by 11.3% since last year, says Zillow’s reports, which estimate that Nashville’s market will grow by 4.2% over the next year.

Nashville homeowners are in better financial shape than those in other parts of the country, too.

According to data gathered by Zillow, 16.3% of Nashville homes have negative equity, compared with the US average of 18.8%.

Only 4.4% of Nashville homeowners are behind on their mortgages while 7.2% are behind across the US.

“We’ve been able to assist many Nashville homeowners in need of foreclosure help to keep their homes,” says Thomas.

Rising real estate values are good news for sellers who have been able to weather the economic storms during the past few years.

“I get a lot of calls from sellers who need to sell their house fast,” said Thomas. “Often they’re surprised by the cash offer we can give them for their home.”

The median home value in Nashville is $164,000, according to Zillow, while the median rate of the houses currently listed for sale is $216,800.

“Median prices are up nearly $20,000 over last year for single-family residential homes and condominiums,” said Hagan Stone, President of Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS(R).

“These price increases may encourage some people to sell, which would be helpful since inventory in the Greater Nashville areas remains low.”

Even though additional apartment buildings are being built at rapid rates, demand from buyers for Nashville properties is still strong.

“We buy houses in Nashville because we see huge opportunities in the future of our community,” said Thomas. “Companies who buy houses like ours are working to bring outside capital and investment into Nashville.”

Thomas said he obtained his real estate license in order to provide greater options to property owners who want to sell, but he says he has a lot of solutions for homeowners who don’t want to sell their house but need financial assistance.

His company offers a free consultation session to homeowners who need assistance navigating tough situations like probate, divorce, foreclosure or other complex real estate needs.

“Timing is everything in real estate,” said Thomas. “Now is a great time for sellers who want to sell a property in Nashville. We’re lucky to have so many options!”

To get a cash offer or a free consultation session, sellers should visit or call DeAndre Thomas directly at 615-336-4780 for more details.

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