Naples Home Care Offers Meals and Nutritional Services to the Elderly

Meals designed for senior and elderly available to Naples residents

As people age, it’s harder to maintain a sense of health through our meals. Lost ability to absorb and break down foods as well as we used to means it’s more important than ever to eat a healthy diet. While there are almost always medications and supplements on hand, some of the most robust sources of nutrients are the ones that we eat.

Challenges with eating in the elderly population include decreased capacity for chewing, lowered food intake, and less energy for preparing healthy choices. Home Instead Senior Care offers programs and assistance for the elderly by providing nutritional content that is easy to digest, and presented in a way that is balanced and healthy.

Malnourished seniors are a huge problem in the US. From improper diet, lack of mobility, or inability to eat or cook, this can mean inflated medical issues down the line. But our modern society has no lack of convenient foods. They provide short term sustenance but in the long run contribute little to no benefit for the people who eat them. With Home Instead Naples home care meal services, there are a variety of ways to help seniors increase their healthy eating habits. Services include meal planning, recipe research, grocery shopping, and improving eating settings.

Sometimes enticing someone to eat can just mean enrichening the ritual or space they use to consume food. Staff at Home Instead Senior Care has found that livening up a dining room or place to eat can help bring joy and excitement back to a task that may have seemed cumbersome or tired. When it takes longer to chew and consume, it’s essential to enjoy the steps and space involved. Another tip the staff has picked up is to prepare childhood recipes.

Staff is able to design meals and eating experiences with senior priorities in mind. Health issues are the forefront of our design to ensure food is not contributing to already present health issues such as weight gain, diabetes or indigestion. Food that is easy on teeth is a big priority too. Often seniors have false teeth, dentures, crowns, caps, and all manners of teeth that need gentle eating experiences. Without providing every meal as mush, we work to include ingredients and foods that are easy on the teeth while still being enticing to eat.

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