Nanotech Engineering Inc. Develops New Way to Generate Energy

Based on graphene and carbon nanotubes, company's technology can be used in products ranging from highly efficient solar panels to charger-free cell phones and laptops, Nanotech Engineering reports

Nanotech Engineering Inc. announced the development of the company's Patent Pending new Nanopanel™ Solar Panel, and mini cells that can power everything from small applications such as cell phones and Laptops, as well as larger applications. Made in the USA using Graphene and carbon nanotubes, the Nanopanel™ delivers up to three times more power than conventional, silicon- based solar panels at about one-third of the cost.

This combination of advanced, high-tech materials makes the Nanopanel™ technology light years ahead of any photovoltaic on the market, with each photon producing 3 electrons it actually produces more energy than it brings in. Stronger than steel while remaining light and flexible, boosting profit margins and greatly easing the installation process for solar system providers. The Nanopanel™ assemblies add little additional weight to the roofs of homes and other structures and feature a power generation to weight ratio surpassed only by the refined uranium fuel used in nuclear reactors.

As one of the most significant advances in solar power generation technology of recent times, the Nanopanel™ stands to further accelerate an already fast-growing industry. Every rugged, corrosion-proof Nanopanel™ is backed by a 50-year warranty, with complete systems producing power at costs ranging from 35 to 55 cents per watt, a fraction of the national $3.26 average for conventional photovoltaic solar. The economic and other advantages of the Nanotech Engineering Nanopanel™ are such that solar power generation will become practical in many currently nonviable places and situations, even without subsidies or tax credits of any kinds.

"While we are still in are fundraising stage, we are in our new production facility in Loveland, Co. and getting up to full production capability as we retro fit it with $22 million worth of equipment and machinery," said Nanotech Engineering Chief Operations Officer Jeffery Gange. "This new 25,000 sq. ft facility is more than ample to accommodate our manufacturing needs as we start out. There has been a lot of activity in the solar power industry in recent years, but subsidies and hype have inhibited awareness of an important fact: Conventional solar is broken. Our Nanopanel™ is the breakthrough the industry has been waiting for, as it does away with financial and other barriers that have held back solar power generation since the beginning. Far lighter, ruggeder, and more efficient and affordable than silicon-based photovoltaic panels, the Nanopanel™ is the new way to generate energy."

Most conventional photovoltaic panels use a layer of semiconducting silicon to transform energy-bearing quanta of light into the electrons that give rise to electric potential, current, and power. Nanotech Engineering’s Nanopanel™ instead sees multiple one-atom thick layers of a semimetal called "graphene" infused under a carbon nanotube forest, capturing these photons and converting them into three electrons and passing this energy through all ten layers. The Nanopanel™ creates three electrons per photon from the sun. This newly discovered material is a great conductor, even being referred to by science, as a superconductor. This superconductivity prevents the degrading of electrical power that is found in the old silicon panels. Simply put, the Nanopanel™ from Nanotech Engineering takes one photon and creates 3 electrons with little loss of power. A 12” by 18” Nanopanel™ puts out equal power to a 6’ by 4’ traditional silicon-based panel.

The Nanopanel is only one product produced by Nanotech Engineering Inc., while not in production at this time, the company's "Cells," small pieces of graphene, are planned to go into anything that needs electricity, from cellular phones, laptops, to much larger applications such as Satellites. These cells work on natural and incandescent light, thereby eliminating the need for electrical chargers. More information is available at

About Nanotech Engineering:

The Nanotech Engineering Inc. corporate office is located in Irvine Ca. and their manufacturing facilities are in Loveland, CO. Nanotech Engineering is the creator of the Patent Pending Nanopanel™, a solar panel based on graphene and carbon nanotubes that is rapidly becoming known as the new, better way to generate clean energy.

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