Najmunnisa Abdul Kader Become a #1 International Bestselling Author with “Yes I Can!”

“Yes I Can”, a widely appreciated guide to entrepreneurship and character-building features a chapter by Najmunnisa Abdul Kader, Women’s Voice Catalyst and Women’s Book Coach.

The book is uniquely written by 15 authors who all happen to be successful entrepreneurs. In it, they all share their stories and unique take on developing the morale of a fighter and starting a successful business.

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Najmunnisa Abdul Kader, the founder of Queen N Books, contributes a 9-page chapter to “Yes, I Can”. Her chapter is titled, “From an Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan”. Despite possessing unique strands of beauty, Najmunnisa Abdul Kader revealed in her chapter that she never really felt like it. She suffered a deep inferiority complex as a result of this and subsequently, other parts of her life were affected including her confidence and ambition. Her complexity earned her the “Ugly Duckling” nickname from her siblings.

Not one to stay down for long, Najmunnisa Abdul Kader soon dug deep into her supposed ill fated nickname and decided to flip the cards around. Like the true ugly duckling, she found her strengths, stuck by them and soon pulled herself out of the darkness that had become her life. All she had was a good command of the English Language, but it was all she needed. She rallied around and forged a successful 20 year career in teaching. After two decades teaching, she soon started to loathe her job and slowly set out to start a new career; her own business.

Despite the mental and societal struggles that come with switching careers around the age of 46, she managed to start her own business, Queen N Books, where she writes her heart out. With regards to “Yes I Can” Najmunnisa Abdul Kader encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be patient and never give up on their dreams. For those who feel like misfits, or are made to feel like misfits, the Women’s Voice Catalyst recommends that they learn to forgive and reaffirm themselves. She implies that not all may fit the poisonous standards of society, but victims must learn that it is no fault of theirs. She recommends reaffirmation as a way to embrace one’s strengths and put them to work.

Najmunnisa Abdul Kader revealed her delight at being a part of the “Yes I Can” line up. Considering that the book hit #1 in Amazon US, UK, Australia and Canada within 48 hours, her delight is most welcome.

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