Helps Individuals Access Cash From Structured Settlements

Structured Settlement Cash has created a settlement payout calculator to help people understand the real and immediate value individuals can get from settlement companies.

Many individuals who are unable to afford to pay a cash settlement to aggrieved party up front instead opt to pay a structured settlement, where the full amount is paid to the individual in a set number of increments over a given period of time. This can be problematic for those receiving the settlement when they need to reinvest the money, often given for damages, in expensive items or needs that they cannot pay for using the small increments they receive. Structured Settlement Cash helps connect those receiving structured settlements with companies that will take the payments in exchange for a single lump sum.

The calculator works by asking for when the settlements began, when the settlement is scheduled to end, how much the payments are and how regularly the increments are being paid. This helps people establish the total value of the remaining settlement as represented by a lower and upper scale value. Users are then given the option to send this information to Structured Settlement Cash who can try to get them the best deal.

Getting cash for settlements in this way allows individuals the freedom to invest the money that is legally theirs without having to wait years to receive it, or to spend it on simple lifestyle maintenance so that none is left by the end of the agreement.

A spokesperson for Structured Settlement Cash explained, “We enable people to sell structured settlement payments, and one of the deciding factors that helps people move forward with this process is knowing how much money they can get as a lump sum in exchange for their settlement agreement. This calculator gives them a way to have that information on hand in seconds, with the hope that armed with this knowledge they will contact us and we can begin the process of arbitrating the best possible agreement more in line with the highest estimate than the low.”

About Structured Settlement Cash:
Structured Settlement Cash is a leading provider matching buyers and sellers for structured settlements, helping clients to obtain the most cash back for their annuity. Structured Settlement Cash’s network of buyers will purchase some or all of a client’s payments for a cash lump sum, giving individuals the freedom to take care of what matters to them most.

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