My Surgery Miami Announces Launch Of Plastic Surgery Website

The blog aims to provide helpful information to people who are considering plastic surgery, reports My Surgery Miami spokesperson

In the past two decades the number of cosmetic surgery procedures has increased by more than 100%, meaning that what was once the hush-hush practice of Hollywood celebrities and the very wealthy is now accessible to many average people. As the number of procedures has gone up, so has the variety; nowadays, anyone seeking plastic surgery has a vast array of choices in terms of practitioners, approaches, and procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. In hopes of providing some clarity, My Surgery Miami has launched a new blog that aims to address many of the questions that prospective patients may have, according to spokesperson Jordan Cohen.

"We came up with the idea for the website when doing our own research on the best practitioners in the Miami area," explained Cohen. "We decided that we wanted to make our knowledge and resources available to the public in order to help people who are considering whether or not plastic surgery is right for them. People need to know how to find a really good surgeon, and they need to know what to expect in terms of preparing for surgery and recovering from a procedure. We've compiled a list of top plastic surgeons in the area based on extensive research and recommendations, and we post articles about various topics of interest, like what factors affect the cost of a procedure or what risks are associated with a particular surgery." Interested readers can Click here to see a list of topics currently featured on the site.

According to 2015 statistics, breast lifts and augmentations were at the top of the list of most-requested procedures. Consequently, My Surgery Miami has launched with two extensive articles on the topic. Cohen said, "So many women are seeking information about breast implants. Along with breast lifts, implants can do a lot to combat the effects of aging and really boost a woman's self-confidence. That was one of the first topics we researched and put up on the blog, and we're pleased to see the articles have already gotten a lot of views." One of the articles details the process of getting an implant, explaining the risks clearly and listing important considerations before getting the surgery. Another article investigates factors that affect the cost of implants, such as location, type of implant, and associated fees.

In addition to publishing information, My Surgery Miami invites comments and actively solicits suggestions for future blog posts. "We want our blog to be a place where people can ask any question without fear," said Cohen. "We are committed to doing the research and getting the facts about whatever our readers need to know. I would say to anyone who's considering plastic surgery, 'Check us out before you make a decision.'"

About My Surgery Miami

My Surgery Miami is a blog that aims to help people who are considering cosmetic surgery navigate the path to physical self-improvement. Readers can learn about what plastic surgery can do for them and what they can expect from different types of procedures. For more information, click here.

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