My RCtopia Highlights Advances in Remote Control Vehicles

Remote control vehicles continue to improve in terms of technology reports RCtopia.

According to, Nikola Tesla first described a remote control device back in 1893, in one of his patents. Over time, the military began using this type of technology for military purposes, with the German navy using motorboats controlled by radio to attack enemy ships during World War I. "Over time, inventors started using the technology to create items the average consumer could use, including television remote controls and toys such as the remote control boat," John Donaldson of My RCtopia explains.

Consumers may be hesitant to begin investing in remote control toys or device because they are concerned about the high prices associated with remote control items. RC vehicles and toys don't have to be expensive, however, as it all depends on what the user is looking for in their device. "One can spend less than $50, get a fun toy to play with around the house and be perfectly satisfied. Others won't be happy with anything less than the best remote control helicopter available today, one that costs thousands of dollars and comes with features such as nitro power. No two users want the same things which is one reason there are so many devices available for purchase today," Donaldson continues.

Others refuse to spend money on remote control vehicles thanks to a bad experience in the past. As Donaldson explains, technology continues to improve at a rapid pace. The quality of non-radio controlled and infrared vehicles has come a long way over the past few year, and many vehicles can now be controlled with a smart phone or tablet. Donaldson suggests consumers take another look at remote control toys and devices as they may be surprised at how far these items have come in recent years.

Furthermore, shoppers find they have a wider range of items to choose from when purchasing a remote control vehicle. In addition to cars and trucks, consumers will be able to select from planes, boats and tanks. "Every shopper should easily find one or more vehicles they wish to purchase. In fact, many find the hardest part is choosing just one to take home. Often, consumers find they are unable to make a selection and go home with two or three new vehicles they can't wait to use," Donaldson points out.

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My RCtopia started as a hobby of an 11 year old and has now grown into a website dedicated to offering consumers information on the wide array of remote control devices currently available. In addition to covering the remote control products offered, the website also explains the technology associated with the devices and plans to expand to cover modern twists on RC products, such as those which may be controlled by smart phones and other mobile devices.

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