Launches Cheap tickets for Bruno Mars and Discounted Bruce Shelton Tickets

Muso Tickets was created so that music lovers could cut through the fog of sports, theatre and live events to get discounted tickets with Bruno Mars and Bruce Shelton the latest tickets on offer.

For music lovers, there is nothing better than getting to experience a live concert, in which the music surrounds and envelops them while their focus is commanded by the stars on the stage giving it their all. Live music can have a transcendental effect, so it’s unfortunate that securing tickets for this experience should so often be utter drudgery and desperation. Muso Tickets was created to provide a safe space for muso’s to find tickets to amazing concerts without the headache of sifting through countless irrelevant sports, wrestling and monster truck racing absurdities.

The site uses a simple blog format to post about events for which they have managed to secure cheap ticket deals, giving information on the gig itself and on the artists before linking directly to the ticket order page for the discounted concert tickets.

While this sounds like the kind of thing that would be supported only by hipster bands, the truth is far from it. The site already has cheap tickets for Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton and Imagine Dragons, among others, with plans to regularly add more acts as they begin their tours.

A spokesperson for Muso Tickets explained, “We are passionate about music and we found the process of buying tickets so frustrating we decided to reinvent the system from the ground up. While we haven’t been able to provide a ticketing system that can compete with the industrial ticketing complex, we have managed to devise a way to cut through the obfuscation and extortion so people can still get great deals on tickets and see their favorite acts without manically refreshing the page at 3am to get the final reserved tickets as they’re released. It makes the whole experience of going to a concert more enjoyable.”

About Muso Tickets: Muso Tickets is a newly built website that aims to provide a home for the Hottest Concert Tickets at the very best prices. Unlike other ticket broker websites, Muso Tickets honors the music, and cuts out the clutter of sports, theater, and other events to give users nothing but awesome music events to be indulged in by those passionate about live performances.

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