Murphy, Murphy & Associates, CPAs Ltd. In St. Charles, Illinois Reveals How They Are Helping Small Business Make More Money

CPA in St. Charles, IL has just announced how her firm is helping small business owners do what they do best and in turn increase profits and cash flow as well protect themselves from the IRS. For more information please visit

Small businesses, regardless of their scale and revenue level, operate with one basic aim: to maximize revenues and profitability. The barrier for many small business owners to achieving this goal often stems from the fact that an entrepreneur is good at what he/she does, but doesn’t have much interest in the books or accounts.

This is where many small businesses take a hit and Murphy, Murphy & Associates, a St. Charles-based tax and accounting firm, wants to help them overcome the issue.

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According to Elizabeth Murphy, CPA one of the founders at Murphy, Murphy & Associates, “For example, small changes to the business structure can result in tax savings and cost minimization. Some entrepreneurs require assistance with asset protection and scalability.”

When asked to expand on this Ms. Murphy offered three main ways in which the firm can help small local businesses:

1 Helping The Business Owner Get Out Of Their Own Way

Success relies on growth and growth is measured in terms of numbers. The more money a small business makes, the more it can grow.

According to Ms. Murphy, “Murphy, Murphy, & Associates have extensive experience in working with a wide range of small businesses, with revenues ranging from $100,000 a year, to $10 million. We free up the entrepreneur to do what they do best, i.e. run their business, while we handle all the accounting and tax matters. This frees up the business owner to make more money while our focus is on imparting expertise and knowledge to help the business improve efficiency and save money.”

2 Translating The Accounts Into Meaningful Numbers

The majority of small businesses today rely on QuickBooks. The system is extremely powerful but only if setup properly.

When asked about this Murphy stated, “We can customize, systemize and optimize QuickBooks based on the requirements and staffing of the business. We even provide training, if necessary. From here we go a step further and translate the accounts into meaningful numbers that entrepreneurs can understand and make decisions on, which not only helps them make more money but understand their business better.”

3 Protecting You From The IRS

“A letter from the IRS can only mean bad news” is a prevalent myth. As Murphy puts it, “A message from the the IRS is enough to cause small entrepreneurs to ‘freak out’, even if the message contains good news.”

The main reason for this is that the letters are often unintelligible to most small business owners.

Murphy, Murphy & Associates frequently represent small businesses in affairs with the IRS and also offer assistance. Ms. Murphy elaborated, “We have considerable experience in resolving tax matters via a power of attorney. Professional assistance is important to not just alleviate stress but to ensure the IRS gets the appropriate information about your business.”

Murphy, Murphy & Associates offers all these services and more for local small businesses, so small entrepreneurs can realize their dreams and goals.

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Located in St. Charles, IL, Murphy, Murphy, & Associates is an accounting and tax firm providing a wide range of services. They focus on helping small businesses grow and increase their revenue while handling all their taxation and financial matters efficiently. To learn more about the firm on their website

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