Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur, Keenan Williams, Empowers Entrepreneurs with Blueprint for 7-Figure Success

From a $300 investment to a multi-millionaire in under two years. That’s the rags to riches story of Keenan Williams, a Serial Entrepreneur, who is on a mission to help others replicate his success.

Williams turned his $300 investment into a multi-million-dollar business in under two years and now he is on a mission to help others replicate his success. He created another millionaire in his program as of April 2021. In 2015, Keenan Williams began a side job making shoutouts on Instagram for small business owners and skincare brands. It was while he was promoting these brands that he had an epiphany. He said: “I realized that real money can be made in the skincare industry. But I needed a solid plan if I wanted to be successful.”

The real turning point came when he was forced to leave his job at Sketchers because the manager refused to allow him to leave after his mom had a stroke and was hospitalized. “I had been experiencing a lot of unfair treatment with this employer and that was the last straw for me,” said Williams. “I wasn’t about to choose a job over my mother and I wouldn’t want to keep working for a company that didn’t care about my welfare and that of my family, so I walked off the job.”

He used his final paycheck of $300 from his former employer to start his skincare business. In addition to the knowledge he gained working as a sales associate for a skincare brand previously, Williams did his own research about skincare ingredients. He launched KO Elixir in January 2018 and by June of that same year, his investment had quadrupled into a million-dollar business. Williams and his wife, Olivia, have built their skincare business, KO Elixir, from the ground up and are living the dream. He has since built several profitable businesses and established a blueprint for success.

Now, he wants to help other business-minded individuals to break free from the traditional 9-5 mould to experience true financial freedom. His program, Skip to 7 Figures, equips students with the know-how to start and grow a profitable business. Students are taught business strategies such as how to start a business without getting a loan, choosing products for their business, how to set up Shopify, finding influencers to build their empire, dropshipping, and lots more.

Williams wants more people to tap into this fountain of knowledge to build a legacy for future generations. He said: “You can make money and live a comfortable life if you change your mindset and are exposed to the right resources to start a business”.

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