Multi-Mask is the World’s First Mask with a Removable Shield

Live on Indiegogo, Multi-Mask is the Only Mask with a Removable Shield.

Multi-Mask, the world’s first mask with a removable shield offering the ultimate protection, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

With a global pandemic still spreading quickly; PPE has never been more important for everyone. Most people feel secure wearing a mask in a public space when they hear a cough or sneeze, but most will never see the virus filled droplet that can fly through air and land on the face. Research shows that COVID-19 also infects people through their eyes and ears as well. Multi-Mask is a breakthrough new product that offers full protection of all major areas of possible infection – an invention by Deepak Pathania, Founder of Med Interventions and Beyond.

“In the present times, everyone needs a mask, not just clinicians, surgeons or other health workers. Do you know which mask is suitable for you - 3-ply / N95 / HEPA / N99 / UV and the list goes on,” says co-founder Kanishk Kharbanda. “Every application of a mask, whether it’s the protection from environmental pollution or safety at the workplace for health workers and industrial workers, and now the coronavirus - all demand a specific mask type. How many masks will you end up buying? To prevent COVID-19 infection everyone needs a shield too because the pandemic taught us that a mask by itself is just not enough.”

The Multi-Mask is designed for comfort and ease of use. It is the world’s first modular mask capable of being used as a standard mask, with or without the shield which can be quickly slotted in at any time without the use of any straps. It is easily sanitized, been tested to ensure clear communication without muffled voice when speaking, and its breathability is not compromised as it uses a large filter area compared to cartridges which can easily clog.

The Multi-Mask is also future-proof— the filter body can be replaced with other functional accessories like an oxygen mask, electronic filter and AV systems. In short, the Multi-Mask is the last mask a wearer will ever need to purchase.

“The whole idea began with joining this war against the virus that has troubled us all. We did a lot of hard work, against many odds. But a good intention and an exciting invention idea can bring a product to a certain stage only. Beyond that, to take it to production and to take it to the world, to reach the people who need it, requires Teamwork, Expertise, Perseverance, Dedication and Funds. We now have everything, except funds! Therefore, if you see potential in the product that it can actually help you, and millions across the world, please do support us.” adds Kanishk.

Multi-Mask is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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