Mulpix Add New Suggested Related Search Terms Section To Instagram Search Site

Mulpix has revolutionized the way people search Instagram, and has now added more new features to its search bar, including suggested related search terms to help people keep inspiration flowing.

Instagram is now the most influential social media site on the planet, with taste makers, trendsetters and game changers all using the platform to promote themselves and their personal brand, receiving endorsements, freebies and more from major worldwide brands. At the same time, Instagram has millions of users who only ever see a fraction of their total content, as users can only see images published by members they follow. Mulpix is an advanced Instagram search engine that allows people to search the whole content library for images using search terms, hashtags and more.

The website has just introduced a new feature that will enable individuals to find even more great new images using suggested related search terms. After every search, suggested terms will pop up beneath the search bar and before the photos, to help people narrow down, diversify or simply continue their search with a sharper idea of what they’re looking for.

Mulpix has added the related search terms feature after their rapidly growing user base made suggestions for future improvements. The team has a history of rapid uptake on user feedback, and this is no different, helping people to find more and better images as well as introducing them to popular related searches they may not have thought of, based on other users’ activity.

A spokesperson for Mulpix explained, “Mulpix is proud of being able to continually improve our still relatively new service. Our aim is to make Mulpix an indispensable tool to Instagram users and we understand that responding to their rapidly evolving needs and ideas requires an equally rapid response from our developers, who are still working every day on improvements to the site. We really believe the potential of this format is still only beginning to be realised, and so we can’t wait to share more new features with our users very soon, and help Mulpix become the go to search engine for Instagram worldwide.”

About Mulpix: Mulpix offers individuals the chance to search all the content on Instagram using advanced features and filters, including the ability to search multiple hashtags. Individuals can see posts by all accounts, not just accounts they follow, and the tool is invaluable for those looking for new accounts, inspiration or research.

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