Mullen & Mullen Makes Employee's Horse Rescue Dreams Come True

Shelley Cates, Director of Marketing for Mullen & Mullen, rescues three wild Mustangs from kill pens.

Shelley Cates, Director of Marketing for personal injury law firm Mullen & Mullen in Dallas, recently announced the rescue of three wild roaming Mustang horses that were removed from public lands by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and eventually placed in “kill pens”. The three horses were adopted through the Evanescent Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary in Sherman, TX. “We rescued them with the assistance of Candace Ray at Evanescent Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary in Sherman, TX.

I adopted them through her organization and they are now a very big part of my family and dearly loved,” says Shelley Cates. “I have been passionate about horses for as long as I can remember and it was a lifelong dream come true to be able to have my own small herd of rescues, thanks to the generosity of my employer, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.”

The term “kill pen” refers to holding facilities where both wild and domestic horses are kept to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is also related to “kill buyers”, a term used for buyers that purchase a horse at auction and then send them outside of the U.S. to be slaughtered for meat. This is due to state laws that explicitly prohibit the sale or slaughter of horses that are intended for human consumption.

Horses that are taken off public lands by the BLM are often subjected to unspeakable horrors. They can be chased by helicopters, separated from family members, and even suffer trauma, injuries, and death during their transportation. Many of the horses that are rounded up are placed in overcrowded holding areas, and some succumb to starvation and thirst at these BLM holding facilities. The BLM also adopts out many Mustangs through an incentive program that pays $1,000 per horse to adopt. These adopted Mustangs are often subjected to deplorable conditions by people who are only interested in monetary gain.

After a one-year waiting period an adopter can gain title to a Mustang and then sell it to a kill buyer. The three Mustangs; Epona, Comanche, and Ariana, now reside on Cate’s property. Ariana was pregnant at the time of her rescue, leading to a fourth Mustang that has been named Bey. The four horses have since been joined by Ruger, a domestic rescue. Domestic horses also end up being sold to kill buyers and sent out of the U.S. for slaughter.

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