MTB Pest Control Announces Modern Pest Control System's Availability to Residents

MTB Pest Control recently announced they have acquired the latest in pest control technology and it is being made available to their clients with no long term contracts required.

MTB Pest Control Company today announced that they have acquired the most modern system to ensure that their client’s homes are pest free. The company announced as well that they will not have their clients sign any long term contracts for this new service. This pest control business has been accredited by the Anjie’s List BB, and is rated A-1 in the states of Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia using all EPA products to get rid of cockroaches and other common pests.

Milton Brown Jr., founded this company five decades ago and started his business by getting rid of cockroaches when he first started his pet control business in Maryland. Today, he partners with his son, Milton Brown III servicing clients anytime they need it, at reasonable cost with no long contracts clients to sign.

MTB Pest Control makes sure that they take care of their client’s - 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. No house is totally free from pests such as cockroaches and even the clean beds may have bedbugs, lice or fleas, and this is especially true for those that own pets.

MTB's method for integrated pest control is to find out if there are any pests infesting the home that may not be immediately visible. For example a home that is made of wood might look alright but there may be termites present under the wood foundation gnawing in the ground.

MTB warns: “Termites can be very dangerous to your home, especially to wood. They come up from the ground and create tubes that look like displaced sand. Termites are no match for the pros at MTB Pest Control Company.” The company offers monthly or bimonthly check-up services so the house can remain free from termites and other pests.

Most people think that they can detect termites, but very few home owners really know if their house is starting to be infested because termites appear like displaced sand or soil. Most companies cannot detect termites until the actual infestation happens. MTB Pest Control offers competitive pricing to their clients.

Early detection is essential to pest control. The staff at MTB Pest Control will go underground during their home treatment and will use non-toxic EPA approved chemicals making sure that they get rid of termites and other pests without having to harm the environment. This service comes with a five year warranty; any home treated for termites will remain termite free for up to 5 years.

MTB Pest Company offers other pest control services as well including cockroach treatment and mouse-proofing their client’s home or place of business. The Integrated Pest Management treatment works by closing all the holes and crevices in the home, even the tiniest ones that are not clearly visible.

The company’s fees are competitive and in many cases are more affordable than other pest control companies. MTB Pest Control also provides their client’s with longer warranty periods than what is considered the “average” warranty. Emergencies like the need for wild life trapping (snakes, bees, crickets, squirrels, etc) are available anytime, 7 days and 24 hours a day. Should there be an immediate concern they can be reached by calling: 301-449-2937 or 1-301-613-6570.

MTB Pest Control Services gives the most personalized services to all their clients depending on their problem from getting rid of cockroaches to trapping emergencies. MTB Pest Control started as a community business, it has managed to keep the trust of their clientele base who continues to need their services because they do a thorough job of protecting homes in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

Contact Info:
Name: Milton T. Brown
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Organization: MTB Pest Control
Address: 3411 Walters Lane, District Heights MD, 20747
Phone: 301-613-6570

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