Mr. Social Now Launches Viral Content Sharing Tool for Social Media

Mr. Social, an emerging social media assistant now unveils "Viral Content Sharing Tool" for social media to find content for any topic instantly, find scientifically proven viral images and more in just 10 minutes.

The world of social media is getting both more competitive and more complex. Social media marketing is becoming the best way for businesses to advertise their new products and increase their fan base. With so many different websites and social networks out there, it can get a little confusing as to what to use when trying to pin down the latest viral trends. For those who wish to stay on the top of today's trending content, Mr. Social now launches a new viral content sharing social media tool which finds interesting content for any topic instantly and schedules it in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn within just 10 minutes.

While speaking about this new launch, the spokesperson from Mr. Social stated, "Mr. Social helps finding the best trending news, videos, and tweets for any topics you type in and helps you schedule it to your various accounts in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook from one place. It also helps you find extremely viral photos, suggests interesting and engaging content and allows you to import and manage your best content in various buckets which it intelligently re-uses."

He also continued, "Mr. Social is like a social media assistant that finds great content and schedules it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By signing up with us, you could fill up your week's posting calendar in a few minutes. Even when you are sleeping or on vacation so your presence on social media is kept alive. You get to pick interesting content suggested by Mr. Social for areas of your interest."

Mr. Social's Viral Content Sharing Tool suggests highly engaging status updates from its library, create the own library, get different types of content like trending news, videos and tweets and schedule it in various social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn within 10 minutes. Mr. Social also features: re-post content manually and automatically, re-use content from library, post interesting status ideas from our library, post to multiple social media networks in one click and more.

Beside the features of social media management tool, Mr. Social also helps find 7 different types of content to publish in social media networks. While enquiring about this, the spokesperson added, "We can find content for almost any topic and we will never let you run out of content to share. The content is guaranteed to be from the best news, blog, video and even trending tweets. We also have a collection of highly engaging status ideas like quotes, fun facts that you can share. You even pull in your favorite RSS sources. Pick from our huge collection of handpicked status ideas like quotes and trivia that increases engagement and share it round-the-clock."

About Mr. Social,

An emerging social media assistant, Mr. Social now launches an exceptional viral content sharing tool to find interesting and unique great content and schedules it on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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