MoviesChain by TVzavr Bets on Asian Cinema

The video-on-demand platform based on blockchain technology MoviesChain by TVzavr made its successful presentation within the «NEXT» section of Le Marché du Film in Cannes and suc-cessfully negotiated film distribution via the platform with several renowned studios from Japan and China.

This year, the 59th Le Marché du Film International Market in Cannes was a record-breaking one for Asia, which provided almost 20% of all participants. Among the 5,500 companies at Le Marché du Film, 1,053 projects were from Asia. Most of Asian moviemakers showed a great interest in innova-tive VOD solution based on blockchain technologies, MoviesChain by Tvzavr.

“Thanks to blockchain technology, the video distribution become more efficient. Basically, 95% of cinema views in Japan are made on their phone or tablet screens,” said Elena Khlebnikova, Head of Content at MoviesChain by TVzavr. “Blockchain technology and decentralized solution give unique opportunity for moviemakers to connect directly to viewers and make the VOD distribution pro-cess completely safe and transparent”.

NEGA Co. is a leading Japanese film production agency who produces and distributes films directed by Shutaro Oku, who is known as the “Japanese Quentin Tarantino.” One of his films – “Asura Girl” – screened in Cannes last year. “New technologies play a big part in the development of the film indus-try. I feel that blockchain is a very interesting solution, which can carry both great benefits and risks.,” said Sennosuke Okumura, producer of “Asura Girl”.

Chinese producers are ready to embrace technological challenges and opportunities as well. According to Pablo Ren, vice president of S.T. Culture China & Mobius Entertainment Group, new technologies in the film industry are developing rapidly, providing easier and faster access to mov-ies.

“There are different ways of using blockchain in the film industry. It can decentralize the sector, de-liver content to viewers, conduct transactions, etc. Some of its aspects can also help to protect con-tent, being an excellent weapon against video piracy. In my opinion, it can become an important part of the industry soon,” Patrice Poujol, CEO of Lumiere noticed.

As a result of the new partnerships with Japanese production studio NEGA Co., JETRO – Japan Ex-ternal Trade Organization, Chinese studio S.T. Culture China & Mobius Entertainment Group and Lumiere, the amount of Asia content on MoviesChain by Tvzavr VOD will increase up to 35%.

The “NEXT” section of the 59th Le Marché du Film International Market in Cannes was dedicated to the broad field of innovative technologies and, in particular, to blockchain. Jerome Paillard, the Ex-ecutive Director of Le Marché du Film, believes in a great perspective for blockchain in the film in-dustry and can change the existing model of film distribution.

Built to revolutionize the Independent film industry, MoviesChain by TVzavr is one of the first blockchain platforms that aims to connect independent filmmakers directly to viewers: the main goal’s to give an opportunity for independent motion picture studios to fit into the market.

“Today there is a real opportunity for the multi-billion niche of independent movies to break free from the global leadership of intermediaries. To capitalize on this opportunity, MoviesChain by TVzavr has all the necessary ingredients: on one hand, there is an emergence of a new P2P technol-ogy that provides complete transparency and prevents double spending , and on the other hand, a company with almost 10 years of experience, huge customer base, solid revenues, and a team of 70 specialists experienced in modern cryptography”, commented Alexey Yeremenko, co-founder of the project. “The next logical step in the project will be a building of a tokenized funding platform to build a bridge between investors and film producers. The relationships between those parties will not be legally binding but will be what we call it technologically binding. Smart contracts provide excellent functionality for that. That platform will be MoviesChain by TVzavr 2.0”, he added.

The MoviesChain platform was developed by TVzavr, Russian VoD company with 30 million unique users on TVzavr, Russian Cinema, and MoviesChain platforms. A number of renowned European motion picture studios, such as Celluloid Dreams, Gaumont, Memento Films, SND, TF1 and Parche, have already signed cooperation agreements to distribute their entire libraries through the plat-form. The partnerships with moviemakers will be based on a revenue-sharing model: investment for the new project will be raised following the ZVR token sale period. Tokens ZVR issued by the service will also be accepted as payment for movies. All content distributed by MoviesChain by TVzavr will be available for the fee of $1.50 per movie. The company’s ICO is tentatively scheduled for Q2, 2018. Total project investment amounts to $15 million.

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